Every morning it only takes 30 minutes, the wife comes up with a pure bento box collection that her husband cries with his colleagues

Working lunches are always a topic of great interest. Whether it is cooking rice to take to work or cooking for her husband or lover, the delicious and beautiful lunch boxes let people admire.

Because she wants her husband not to eat … “pho”, she should actively cook rice, her sister-in-law Hoa Bui from Hanoi also contributed her name to the race to prepare bento for her husband to work with. The deliciousness, nutrition and variety of this bento collection have received an array of compliments.

A collection of delicate bento boxes for her husband’s sister, Hoa Bui

Being the type of woman who loves to cook, Hoa has no qualms about creating menus or going to the market or the kitchen every day. The dishes in the lunch box are basically the same as the regular rice leaf, but have less quantities, giving priority to quick dishes like boiled, fried. But the most important thing is of course still the nutritional factor, need enough groups: starch, fiber, proteins, vitamins …

“I always think that the fastest way to enter a man’s heart is through the stomach. Men, regardless of position or job, always expect their wives and wives to take care of little things. Usually he wants his wife to have a a little soft (pretend it’s right) so that the husband can be protected, and above all, men always look forward to family meals.

Overall, I hope bringing the bento box to work becomes a widespread movement so that the siblings are less likely to go to cafes and drinks. Both are safe for health, save time, money and family happiness just go up quickly “This sister-in-law shares.

Every morning only takes 30 minutes, the wife releases a pure bento box collection that makes her husband cry with his colleagues - Photo 2.

The nutritional factor is always on top of Ms. Hoa

Every morning only takes 30 minutes, the wife releases a pure bento box collection that makes her husband cry with his colleagues - Photo 3.

Since her husband does not like to eat cold, she has also prepared an electric bento box for heating up

Normally, Ms. Hoa spends 30 minutes preparing a bento box every morning. With the stew, the warehouse takes longer, it is cooked or marinated from the night before. She also specially bought the lunch box with the function to connect her husband to make sure that when it’s time to eat, just plug in for 5 minutes to get hot rice and soup like at home.

The cost per packed lunch is not that cheap, but according to Ms. Hoa it is totally worth it. She says: “Peace of mind about food sources and processing for the whole family is okay ha. Not to mention that I can cook for me like this, my husband is very happy, even a bit of an underground pride compared to other people. Colleagues”.

Any meal like this, no man would want to be a cafe anymore

A secret to keeping the other half is cool too!

Photo: NVCC

It only takes 30 minutes each morning, the woman brings out a neat collection of bento boxes that make her husband cry with his colleagues - Photo 6.

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