Giant Nam Dinh set its own “darling” price to USD 4.5 billion

Friday, 11/27/2020 4:33 PM (GMT + 7)

The positive movements of the stock market have raised investors’ expectations of the securities industry higher than ever.

At the close of the session, the UN Index rose 4.25 points (0.42%) to 1,010.22 points; The UPCom Index rose 0.44% to 66.79 points and the HNX Index alone fell 0.15% to 148.17 points. Market liquidity remained high with a trade value of nearly VND 11.170 billion.

Giant Nam Dinh set its own price

The UN Index increased by 4.25 points (0.42%) to 1,010.22 points

The breakthrough momentum of the market was largely contributed by Bluechips such as BVH, FPT, HPG, REE, PNJ, POW, VHM, HDB … in which HDB had a ceiling hitting session on the day the dividend rights were closed.

The securities group had won an active session with SSI, HCM, VND, MBS, AGR, CTS, VIX, FTS, VCI… all. The positive movements of the market in recent months have meant that investors have raised many expectations about the securities industry.

Meanwhile, the steel group still had a pretty good cash flow with HPG, NKG, HSG, VGS, VIS, POM… all up. There were also many winners in the industrial zone group, including NTC, PHR, SNZ, BCM, IDC, SIP… of which BCM and IDC reached the ceiling price.

Giant Nam Dinh set his own worth

More than 1.68 million shares were matched.

Along with the upward trend of the market, MWG’s share also had a pretty good breakthrough today with an increase from 2,700 dong / share (equal to 2.39%) to 115,500 dong / share.

More than 1.68 million shares were matched and at the end of the session there was still more than 102,720 VND / share. This is a pretty good week on this stock after a week of struggling and shaking.

Overall, MWG has increased in value by 3.13% in 1 week, the quarterly milestone has now reached 34.16% in value.

Recently, MNG (Mobile World) boss Nguyen Duc Tai told about his company. Accordingly, this giant said that if the group is divided into 3 subsidiaries, Bach Hoa Xanh should now be valued at around USD 1.5 billion, Dien May Xanh should be valued at USD 2 billion, and The Gioi Di Dong saturated is also about $ 1 billion.

Giant Nam Dinh continued to value its own

Portrait of Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai.

However, the MWG leader said these companies should be part of the whole and do not intend to separate, as he is not overly concerned about the stock price and is interesting even with the low valuations. this one.

Mr. Tai assessed that Bach Hoa Xanh is currently among the leading group in food retail, while the turnover of Dien May Xanh and Gioi Di Dong is greater than the market combined. Two telephone chains and electronics are making big profits to offset the loss in Bach Hoa Xanh’s investment period.

“Since the IPO in 2014 until now, MWG has never asked for more capital from investors, then the company only has a telephone company. As the owners of MWG shares since 2014, now have more promotions. Two very large companies are Dien May Xanh and Bach Hoa Xanh, “said the company’s founder.

At the end of September, MWG’s network consists of 962 Gioi Di Dong stores, 1,124 Dien May Xanh stores and 1,623 Green Department stores. The group’s 9-month net sales were 81,352 billion dong, only Bach Hoa Xanh contributed more than 15,000 billion dong.


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