Goodbye, the myth of the myth

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So eventually the godfather of Marvel also became the eternal almighty reunification with his heavenly wife. The departure of Stan Lee at the age of 95 seemed to be a fierce storm because of the health of her recently exhausted pneumonia and visually handicapped vision, but nobody accepted the truth. We will never see that smile again in Marvel films. Sometimes the man always dreamed of writing a novel anywhere in the United States. Maybe Stan Lee is now in the green, he will not regret because his life-giving venture has been a great legacy, not only for Americans, but also for the rest of the world.

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Stan Lee of the sixties.

During his "never retired" life, Stanley Martin Lieber "Stan Lee" went from a student trainee to a comic book author and later as editor of Timely. comics. But as editor-in-chief of an uninformed newspaper, Stan Lee tended to write all kinds of junk of action, from the west to the horror because the leader did not demand attention to words. You just stuff a lot of action.

Too many lemon presses must be exhausted, the late fifties witnessed a depressed painter, lost creative inspiration. Add the birth of that Comics code crammed the publication in a circular kimono with draconian and eccentric regulations, because it was thought that comic strips increased the child violation ratio at that time. Just like any young person who dreams and is disillusioned, Stan Lee has once left his career.

If there is anything we need to remember, especially those who are about to retire, then it is the spirit of Stan Lee in those days that seemed to be the last moment that was attached to the comic book. With the "nothing to lose" mentality, the artist revolutionized the story. "I try to write about my charisma, I do not think you can do the best for someone."

In the process of reconstructing the comic bookstore, Stan Lee also transformed the comic language, from dogmatic dialogue in fluent and fluent language to comic readers.

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The second "big revolution" to refer to the performance of Kevin Feige with the success of Iron Man in 2008 heralded the future for the Marvel film universe (MCU), but actually started with Stan Lee traveling to Los Angeles 30 years ago to promote his beloved Marvel. He moved to Los Angeles in 1980 to build an animation studio for Marvel – then a small comic company – and to build a relationship with Hollywood.

He wants to convince the film capital that his little superheroes can control the screen. It was a hard and hard job that Marvel's co-owners did not have Lee's trust. He, like the way people remembered that, was "a lonely man who threw himself into the wilderness."

Stan Lee also created the concept of a "common universe" where characters from different series / series could influence each other and influence each other in a shared universe. This is the starting point for Marvel to perfect it in the form of a large and sleek Marvel cinema as we enjoy today.

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It is not easy to talk about the legacy Stan Lee left behind. His fingernails stretched through the stories of Fantastic Four to Spider-Man, appearing in fan meetings and readership, and became the soul of the pages they published. Jack Kirby can be the heart of Marvel, but Marvel & # 39; s & # 39; mouth & # 39; can only be attributed to the talents of Stan Lee who can promote the reputation of the company. But above all, Stan Lee does not exaggerate the value of the superhero scene that he and his colleagues have created. Children who grew up in the 70s and 80s without being crushed by the internet and social networking sites eagerly embrace this new superhero waste as a way to entertain and escape reality. They devour comics, imagine that Spider-Man swings between skyscrapers, cars like the Hulk picks up or joins a group of superheroes like the Fantastic Four.

Stan Lee said: "A great comic book is a collection of little creativity and as important as any good story in any media." The children did not know how important Marvel's Superheroes were to them, but if they had gone through their childhood they would have fallen back on the pages to see the beloved superheroes on the screen. , we know that we have become part of the big universe that made Stan Lee the same perfect heroes.

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In the past we only knew the heroic thoroughbred, with a brilliant moral ideal, Stan Lee together with his partner Jack Kirby created a series of incomparable characters, starting with the Fantastic Four Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, X-Men and later Steve Ditko created Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. "If you write about a powerful character without abandoning it, I do not think that this character will be of interest to the reader."

Stan Lee built up a system of characters that are as complex as people in the sixties, they can become ugly or melancholy, self-righteous, they have to struggle with themselves. , worry about the monthly bills, impress girls, be depressed or even ill, sick. Fantastic Four after super powers, and they also have to fight to keep the person in each individual. These are the aspects that the Justice League of DC Comics had never exploited before, and that mark the great revolution that Marvel initiated in the story, saving the comic industry dies from life. masterpiece ideas.

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When comics give way to the dominant position in the form of entertainment for young people for social networks, almost immediately the millennium (class of people born between 1980 and early 2000) found pleasure. Others in achieving the "second revolution" that Stan Lee initiated on the screen: MCU. Born after the comic book collapses, the Marvel film universe Stan Lee's characters such as Doctor Strange or Hulk, Iron Man, lead a glorious life.

Every comic fan's dream comes true when he sees that his beloved superheroes come to life and are so real. A new class of viewers, the charm of superheroes such as Thor or Spider-Man not only stopped in the geek community, but also spread as a global effect. The Avengers and later MCU films became the biggest blockbuster at the box office, Marvel's production model changed the way we look at the film and set a new standard for the concept of "dance" cinema pool. "They do not even have to be for children. read the story to know who Iron Man is, to know who Stan Lee is.

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While he was building half of his life on a comic book with complex characters, Stan Lee spent the rest of his life as an ambassador for his heritage. He participated in press conferences, debuts and especially his guest role was the protagonist.

Stan Lee said with humor that he would beat the famous director Alfred Hitchcock in the race to see who had more cameos appearances. So far, these two trees were considered a hit when they each sold for less than 45 guest appearances. But if you record the cameo role in comic books that started with one of the first Fantastic Four stories, Stan Lee might win the race with Hitchcock.

His superhero superhero cameo was marked by X-Men (2000) and then appeared almost in every film in which the character of Stan Lee was part of his special deal. signed. Of course, "Stan Lee" was well received (about $ 100,000 per guest). So far the fanmeeting scene has created a culture of "soi cameo" of the audience, every time the film enjoys Marvel. Even people who go to see, but have not seen him, must be determined to buy tickets to look back only to be happy with an old man, than a hairdresser in the universe, when he or a librarian appears. in a few seconds. Stan Lee's presence is just as important as after credit or the "Easter Eggs" from Marvel.

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The legacy that Stan Lee left for the world is forever. But in some ways, especially for Jack Kirby's supporters, that legacy is associated with the Stan Lee scandal that becomes antagonistic in their story. There he stole the work and wealth of his collaborators who had formed the Marvel since the 1960s. The controversy and conflict between Stan Lee and his colleagues, especially those described as "while Kirby and Steve Ditko scandal of Stan Lee have raised to the level of his success as the spiritual leader of Marvel.

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It is easy to see that Stan Lee has not been a "bad person" of the opposition for the last 20 years, partly because of his age and the tragedy of old age in both art and private life. Do you remember that the interview he called his film, which is cherished by Arch Alien, is the biggest blockbuster of the coming year & # 39; would be? No what? And then there is the announcement of Yoshiki's collaboration with Stan Lee: "Contrary to what you have seen before." Who knows at the age of 90, he is still committed to promoting countless small projects, from video games, children's stories, drama to the book.

All and other projects that he announced in about fifteen years have become confused. Nobody Google "Stan Lee new books" that people care about is simply "cameo of Stan Lee in the Avengers." Say it again, since Stan Lee left the pen to take charge of a "PR man," the representative, the spiritual leader for Marvel, he left a huge workload, including both completed and countless projects are still not completed, making the audience suspicious of what is real and what is not. In addition, there are numerous lawsuits against old management, the old company, the problems of a daughter with a reputation for parenthood, is unable to support herself and treats her father badly, All of this made Stan Lee's last years of life over . In other words, Stan Lee became a victim of his own fame.

But do we say that the imperfection of comic characters appeals to them? Achilles, without the heel, is no longer the Achilles. A man who has spent more than 60 years on the world of grief knows that Stan Lee has done so much more than we can imagine-even when it's done with the ears. hours. Ultimately, this is still one of the most influential people in the home of mice after the founder of Walt Disney. Faced with public apathy, declining health and family tragedy, Stan Lee maintains a humorous and dedicated lifestyle until he closes his eyes. Who are we to ask more in such a person?

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The Bible mentions Methuselah as one who has lived for hundreds of years, like the one standing on the dock of mortal life to see the naked eye of the flesh born and die forever. Stan Lee is in a sense like a comic book methuselah – it felt like he was there before we got the concept of coloring pages, but yet when the comics found their way on the big screen and dominate the cinema: still sunglasses , silver hair, a deep mustache and a happy smile. Stan Lee's childhood dream of writing novels did not come true, but a world in which everyone was involved became part of what was somewhat successful in the form of the electromagnetic universe. Admire the image.

Stan Lee has taught us many things. Great power comes with great responsibility. Raise your face, look ahead! (Face Front, True Believers!). The character of Stan Lee, though inadequate to be angry with The Hulk, Iron Man or Spider-Man, tries to perfect and change the world. . They do not use super power for themselves but for others. Humanity, though not possessing superhuman power, can work together to make the world a better place. Stan Lee created a Marvel universe for our generation, but his legacy affects many later classes. Farewell to the myth of legend, he has finished writing his great life story, old, reassured father.

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