Hanoi discovered 2 positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 | News

The case in Bac Tu Liem district (man, 54 years old) concerns a Libyan diplomat who lives and works in Vietnam. On November 12, the patient flew to Turkey and stayed there until November 19 to pick up his family (including his wife and four children) to Vietnam on flight QR976, in transit in Doha (Qatar) and landed at Noi Bai airport on 18 hours 45 minutes on November 19th.

Being a diplomat, the patient and his family were placed in isolation at the site of the N01T4 Diplomatic Corps (P. Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem District). Just on the evening when this diplomat’s family arrived, the Bac Tu Liem District Medical Center took the first sample and the results were negative for 6 people.

On November 30, the patient felt tired, stressed, uncomfortable, blood pressure measured 140/90 mmHg (on the background of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease), was taken by Hanoi Emergency Center 115 to Duc Giang General Hospital. examination and treatment by specialized vehicles.

In the hospital, patients are examined and treated in the isolation ward of the treatment unit Covid-19; 4 personnel exposed to the patient with protective clothing, full face masks and veils. The patient was then transferred to the Hanoi Emergency Response Unit 115 on December 1 at 5:00 PM to continue isolation at the residence.

At 3.12, the patient took a second sample and showed a positive result. The patient was then transferred to Central Tropical Diseases Hospital 2 (Dong Anh District, Hanoi) for isolation and treatment. The test results of the patient’s wife and 4 children were negative for SARS-CoV-2.

Currently, the patient’s wife and children are being transferred to isolation and concentrated at Hanoi Police Hospital. The patient’s home and environment are sprayed with disinfection.

The patient was discharged on the 1.12 day, isolated at home and sampled once a day 3.12, positive results on 4.12.

Currently, the patient is being transferred to treatment cups at the primary Hospital for Tropical Diseases 2. The person in direct contact with the patient (F1) is a daughter and a taxi driver carrying the patient is isolated at home. and take samples for testing. In addition, the patient’s neighbor (F2) was also in home isolation.

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