If you study in Japan, why should the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi give a warning?

Many "trick" scams in Japan

The Japanese embassy has issued many warnings that draw attention to the fact that many Vietnamese students and victims are misled by some unethical brokers.

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Warning for student fraud and work in Japan. Photo: Embassy of Japan

Recently, the Japanese Embassy received information about a fraudulent Japanese education consultancy in Hanoi, where the name FUKUI Industrial University was used for fraud. High school students in Hanoi. The company advises high school students to visit a designated Japanese school in Tokyo for the first two years, after which they receive a scholarship for the next four years, equal to 60% of the tuition fees. However, a scholarship certificate with the name of FUKUI University is considered fake.

Some students trust and sign a consulting contract and pay for this company with mediation costs of several hundred to several thousand dollars.

According to a warning from the Japanese embassy: the number of trainees in skills and overseas students entering Vietnam is increasing rapidly. But at the same time, the situation that many young people in Vietnam are being misled by a number of unethical brokerage houses, bear the indebtedness of the Japanese, do not pay and as a result of illegal stay in Japan are arrested the rise; is also a concern.

In particular, the number of victims not only increases between skilled trainees and foreign students, but also for engineers (technicians). Many companies insist "like not paying the costs right away, they will not go to Japan" to ask employees to pay a high fee.

The relocation of these companies is to discuss "entry with a short stay visa, then switch immediately to a permanent residence visa and work in Japan for 3 years", and then ask to pay a large sum of money. Victim pays the company 300 million, to Japan with tourist visa, no work, only the debt is there. Another option is to deposit and pay a few thousand dollars a month and wait for work.

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Vietnamese students are very interested in study opportunities. Photo: VNA

According to the Circular of the Ministry of Labor, Invalidity and Social Affairs (MOLISA), the compensation for practicing a traineeship has a contract for 3 years of $ 3,600 or less. It is strictly forbidden to collect deposits, to prohibit the collection of funds from trainees before trainees have received a certificate of residence status.

It is remarkable that in recent years a number of foreign study consultancy firms have placed false information on the website (Japanese Student Recruitment Information) "One hour is 3000 yen (about 600,000 dong)" "During school time income from extra work We can not only pay full costs of study and livelihood, but also to our families. "The above information is in fact completely misleading. The usual hourly wage is 800 yen (about $ 7).

A list of a number of foreign study counseling centers has been suspended for the latest Japanese visa application.

Recommendation from the Department of Education and Training of Hanoi

With this in mind, the Education and Training Department of Hanoi has sent official messages to secondary schools in the area to warn against false information about studying in Japan, with the aim of fraud.

According to Le Ngoc Quang, deputy director of the Ministry of Education and Training of Ha Noi, the Department received a letter from the Japanese embassy in Vietnam to provide information to high school students, Incorrect information.

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Official letter from the Ministry of Education and Training of Ha Noi recommends false information about studying in Japan.

To prevent fraud, to provide inaccurate information about foreign companies, the Ministry of Education and Training recommends schools to thoroughly study the information before they exchange with foreign companies; The school must have a written report from the Ministry of Education and Training of all activities related to the foreign school.

In addition, the Japanese embassy in Vietnam has provided an official website with accurate and up-to-date information about studying in Japan for students who are planning to study in the country. This reference.

The Education and Training Department in Hanoi is calling on schools to provide the official Japanese embassy in Vietnam with information to parents and students throughout the school to prevent fraudulent companies studying abroad. .

The Department of Education in Hanoi advises parents, students and students to access the official website with the correct and up-to-date information about studying in Japan. information includes:

The website of the Japanese embassy in Japan. https://www.vn.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_ja/Vn_Thongtinduhoc.html

Note about brokers:

Facebook from the Embassy of Japan:

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