Many street protection posts are empty and on the sidewalk

Sunday December 6, 2020, 9:00 am (GMT + 7)

Many people reflect many street protection posts, civil defense forces in order not to operate in the wrong place ineffectively, losing the beauty of the city.

Residential security posts, civil protection posts or district executive offices … are responsible for maintaining security and order; fire protection; temporary residence registration received, temporary absence; reminders to intrude on roads, sidewalks …

But the posts are usually placed temporarily on the sidewalk, the edge of the ground, the head of the alley … occupy the whole sidewalk, occupy the entire alley, and then are pulled down, even used for other purposes. This hampers general traffic and, more importantly, the face of the city is also aesthetically compromised.

Many people think it is necessary to use the community headquarters, the street security post with the right function and efficiency, and may consider installing a replacement CCTV. The city should consider and review the above street protection posts, and have instructions in place to ensure aesthetics.

Below are the actually recorded PLO images showing that headquarters, closures, low activity … are common. The headquarters and posts are built on the sidewalk, leading to the situation of trade, encroachment, degradation, sleazy … affecting the face of urban Ho Chi Minh City:

Photos: Abandoned many street protection posts, pavement occupied - 1

On road no.15 guard post KP7, Ward 11, Go Vap district was built to occupy the whole sidewalk, people who want to walk have to walk down the roadway.

Photos: Many street protection posts are abandoned and located on sidewalks - 2

Headquarters KP1, Ward 13, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City is located at the intersection of Le Van Sy Street, intersects Truong Sa Street, always locked. In front of the headquarters is a repair shop for mobile watches, above it is a billboard with the karaoke bar …

Photo series: Many street protection posts were deserted and sidewalks occupied - 3

Neighborhood guards at the KP6 headquarters (Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City), accounting for half the alley, are often closed, downgraded, less open for work … as a result, part of this office is also rented out as a barbershop for approximately 3 years, after residents have noticed that the rent is ending

Photos: Many street protection posts were deserted and sidewalks occupied - 4

Located on Nguyen Van Luong Street, Go Vap District, the street security post occupies two parts of the sidewalk, next to it people use the sidewalk as a breakfast restaurant.

Photos: Many street protection posts have been abandoned and are on sidewalks - 5

Around the residential security post of KP4, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, many taxis, tricycles and motorcycles are often parked and the roadway occupied.

Photos: many street protection posts abandoned, pavement occupied - 6

Headquarters KP1, Ward 13, Tan Binh District is solidly built, almost no sidewalks, and part of the area next to it is “used” by the barber shop.

Photos: Many street protection posts are abandoned, sidewalks occupied - 7

Security guards KP1, Ward 4 at the intersection of Hoang Viet – Ut Tich street are reflected by the people, who intrude on the sidewalk, obscuring the view of passing vehicles. Mr. Nguyen Trung Son, Deputy Head of Urban Management Department of Tan Binh District, said this post is in a location causing loss of urban beauty, Ward 4’s People’s Committee has found a location to relocate the post , so he asks the city to adapt. the upper position limit to move over.


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