Mr. Luong Huu Phuoc is ‘the only defendant’

Binh PhuocAfter re-examination, the police determined that the case was not missing the crime. There was a defendant, Mr. Luong Huu Phuoc, 52 years old, who jumped a building at the People’s Court of this province.

The process of re-examining the case Violation of regulations for driving road vehiclesthe investigating body has clarified the issues raised in the cassation decision of the High-Level People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City. “Since then, Dong Xoai City Police have determined that there are sufficient grounds for Mr. Phuoc to commit a crime, not to sue for criminal liability with Lam Tuoi. These contents are all on file,” said Mr. Nguyen. Cong Vang, Institute Head of VKSND Dong Xoai City said December 5.

Because Mr. Phuoc died, the police of Dong Xoai city suspended the case and suspended the accused against him.

The location of the accident in 2017. Photo: the file

The site of the accident in 2017. Photo: Criminal record.

Attorney Nguyen Duy Binh (who represents Mr. Phuoc’s interests) said he has not yet received the conclusion of the investigation of the case. Before that, he also participated in witnesses and monitoring during the field experiment. “I have some experimental suggestions in line with Lam Tuoi’s previous testimony, but these have not been fully implemented by the investigating authority. However, with the decision to stay the case and the defendant this time, the case is deemed to have been closed,” according to lawyer Binh.

Ms. Le Thi Tu, his wife Phuoc, has filed a complaint requesting the police of Dong Xoai City to cancel two decisions to adjourn the case and suspend the suspect, as she thinks the investigative agency has not clarified and has a conclusion. at the request of the High Level TOOTH.

According to the verdict on appeal, Mr. Phuoc on the afternoon of January 15, 2017, after drinking a few glasses of wine from his neighbor, was invited to the pub, including Mr. Quy. They drank 3 more glasses of wine and then went to karaoke together. Since Mr. Quy did not have a helmet, Mr. Phuoc took him home to get him.

Arriving in front of Mr. Quy’s house on Nguyen Hue Street, Mr. Phuoc stopped and then turned left into the street. When they reached the other side of the road together, they were hit by a motorcycle, hit by Lam Tuoi, 20 years old, with his brother-in-law, injured Mr. Phuoc, and Quy died two days later.

In May 2017, Mr. Phuoc was prosecuted by Dong Xoai Police, and Lam Tuoi was given an administrative sanction of VND 4.5 million. In March 2018, Mr. Phuoc was sentenced to 3 years in prison by the Dong Xoai People’s Court, so an appeal was lodged. The People’s Court of Binh Phuoc Province ruled, declared the investigation file and returned it. Binh Phuoc’s procedural authorities subsequently maintained their position and continued to prosecute Mr. Phuoc.

Mr. Luong Huu Phuoc is awaiting his judgment on appeal on May 19.  Photo: Vinh Tuyen.

Mr. Luong Huu Phuoc is awaiting his appeal judgment on May 19. Statue: Vinh Tuyen.

On May 29, after days of trial and deliberation, the Binh Phuoc People’s Court filed the second appeal, upholding Mr. Phuoc’s three-year sentence. Believing he was unjust, Mr. Phuoc returned to court a few hours after the sentencing to jump off the floor and died.

On June 5, the High-Level People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City decided to appeal against cassation review for cancellation of the first instance, appeal, investigation and reopening of the case. A week later, the court tried cassation, overturned both judgments and returned the investigation file from the beginning.

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