My Tam warns against fake toxic perfumes impersonating someone looking for themselves

On November 27, on the official Fanpage, My Tam suddenly took the floor when her account was faked to conduct business. According to the singer, these fake accounts have set up a fan page called My Tam, but misspelled, and added words to easily sell on the artist’s name, such as: My Tam Home, My Tam Shop. , My Tam Shop, My Tam House, … The singer confirmed that this is a complete deception that tarnishes her reputation and hopes that the public will stay awake. At the same time the voice Desirable affirming that they are gathering enough evidence to bring the case to court.

After a few minutes of posting, My Tam’s new move quickly drew a lot of attention on social networks. Among the comments, many friends, colleagues and also the public have repeatedly expressed their condolences and criticized the nefarious behavior of the stories that deliberately disguised and used the names of celebrities.

My Tam warns against fake smells, declares war and asks law to settle fake accounts for illegal profit - Photo 2.

My Tam’s decisive move got a lot of consensus, fans backed her, asking for legal intervention to find a thorough solution.

Fake My Tam accounts take advantage of the singer’s reputation

Originally shared by My Tam as follows:


Recently, the posts from Tam and MT ENTERTAINMENT have received a lot of feedback on the use of My Tam name, image and brand name by some FRENCH OIL PARFUME stores. LICENSE BONDS are for their own promotional purposes for bad products. This is an EXCELLENT AND EXCELLENT SHAPING product from the past years.

By the way, MT ENTERTAINMENT would like to notify the public to avoid this misleading advertising information. Moreover, in order to protect the interests of the public, MT ENTERTAINMENT has collected all evidence to invoke the intervention of the law and to thoroughly handle illegal acts to set an example. for companies / individuals who intend to engage in similar acts.

If you and you find similar violations, please share information about the company’s handling of email. Thank you!

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My Tam warns against fake smells, declares war and asks the law to settle fake accounts for illegal profit - Photo 5.

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