Representatives of the national assembly pointed to the "left hand" movement, which caused the driver to remain in jail for 6 years

Nguyen Ba Son, deputy head of the delegation of the National Assembly of Da Nang, discussed the case of a backup case on the Thai Nguyen-Ha Noi highway between Innova and the covered container wagon. by 2 levels of trial.

According to the deputies, opinions have been disrupted and several opinions and two levels of trial with the driver of the container have been fined with 6 years of imprisonment, where the error does not keep the safe distance with the car in the opposite direction.

Representative Nguyen Ba Son of the Danang delegation spoke about the case of driving a container with a sentence of 6 years in prison

Representative Nguyen Ba Son of the Danang delegation spoke about the case of driving a container with a sentence of 6 years in prison

Mr Son mentioned three legal issues surrounding this incident. First, there is no safe distance to move on a straight line in the opposite direction. Secondly, the law does not provide for the safe keeping of two distances in a single lane, part of a road or a motorway. Third is the principle of the state that no one can be accused of a crime if the law does not regulate.

"Compared to the above error, there is a clear difference between the driver's alleged errors and the underlying principles of the law," Son said.

According to the case, Son said there are many comments, that the original investigation steps from the testimony, field test, inspection facilities … have been investigated or not. Legal authorities in the process of legal proceedings have put the dispute at the center and have actually taken the dispute as the basis for a ruling.

According to deputies, this case can have negative consequences, including law-abiding behavior such as vehicles that go in the opposite direction, faster on the highway as a backhoe Ha Noi. – Hai Phong recently. And how does the insurance company deal with the parties involved in this case?

"I fully believe in the clarity of the law, the behavior of cadres conduct procedures, but I realize that this is a new problem and that it must study timely guidance and the legal rights and interests of the people must be uniformly apply, at least one case, "Son said. recommendations.

According to the file, on 19 November 1616, Ngo Van Son drove an Innova car with 10 passengers from Bac Ninh to Thai Nguyen City for a brunch. In the afternoon of the same day the driver ran across junction Yen Binh (Pho Yen City, province of Thai Nguyen) to bring the car back to the intersection.

At this moment, driver Le Ngoc Hoang drives at speeds of 60 – 65 km / h with tractor trailer trailers on the motorway. As the intersection approached, the Innova turned on the red brake light at the front. Le Ngoc Hoang driver did not slow down and looked behind the mirror. With the other cars in the back Huang could not turn around the lanes, just like the descending Innova tail that killed 4 people.

Proceeding authorities accuse driver Le Ngoc Hoang not to keep speed and distance with the car immediately before the first sentence enforced Royal 8 years. During the appeal case, the Thai Nguyen People & # 39; s Court reduced the sentence for Hoang to 6 years in prison, from son to 9 years.

During the proceedings, the family of the defendant Le Ngoc Hoang filed a petition with the central agencies. Immediately after the sentence, many opinions that judgments have guaranteed no objectivity, fair and more conflicting information.

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