Results Sevilla vs Real Madrid: Away team luck

The competition was no better than the opponent, but Vinicius’s luck and charm helped Real Madrid win 3 points on the field of Sevilla in the 12th round of La Liga.

As a guest on the field of Sevilla in a situation of great pressure after a series of bad games, Real Madrid started to be determined but faced an unpleasant play from the host.

Sevilla were the better side for most of the first half, but they didn’t create many standout situations. On the other side of the front line, Real didn’t create many high-profile situations. The dull first half ended without a goal.

After the break there will be another calculation by both coaches Lopetegui and Zidane. The match attitude is not much different from the first half, except the situation that led to the goal.

In the 56th minute, in a rare co-ordination situation, Vinicius took on goalkeeper Bono and whether he was ready or not, luck still helped the young Real player open the scoring.

Vinicius scored a lucky goal to help Real Madrid hit 3 points. Photo: Getty

With a goal, Real has a reason to play defensively. The initiative to reduce the pace of the visitors ensured that the second half of the second half went at a slow pace.

In the last minutes, Sevilla tried hard to find a goal, but all the host could do was only on the chance level.

Real Madrid won the match with any luck getting 20 points and temporarily climbing to 3rd place, while Sevilla was in 5th place and there were plenty of opportunities for opponents to rise after lap 12.

Final: Sevilla 0-1 Real Madrid

Scored: Vinicius Jr (56 ‘)


Seville: Bond; Jesus Navas, Kounde, Diego Carlos, Vidal; Fernando, Jordan, Rakitic; Munir, de Jong, Ocampos.

Real Madrid: Courtois; Lucas Vazquez, Varane, Nacho, Mendy; Modric, Casemiro, Kroos; Rodrygo, Benzema, Vinicius Jr.

MOVEMENT / Photo: Getty

90 & quot;: The second half has 3 minutes of injury time

75 & # 39;: NOT IN

Gudelj threatened to threaten Real’s goal with a free kick, luckily for the visitors the ball narrowly ran off the post.

70 ‘: Real Madrid slowed the pace of the game in recent minutes, while host Sevilla made continuous changes to find a goal.

56 ‘: VÀOOOOOOOO! Sevilla 0-1 Real Madrid

Real Madrid suddenly had a goal to open the score. The goal came after a coordinated situation on the left wing, Vinicius was not good at the end but still managed to score.

Sevilla 0-1 Real Madrid

50 ‘: Both teams play fairly cautiously in the first minutes of the second half.



45 & quot;: The first half has 1 minute of injury time

38 & # 39;: NOT IN

Benzema knocked after Vinicius Jr’s kick, but goalkeeper Bono played well to stop.

21 & # 39;: NOT IN

Kroos cried dangerously, but the ball narrowly deviated from the goal of Sevilla.

5 ‘: Sevilla is a team that actively controls and controls the ball in the first minutes of the match, Real Madrid is struggling with a low level.

Sevilla 0-0 Real Madrid

1 & # 39;: NOT IN

The first shot was from Vinicius Jr, but the Brazilian’s kick sent the ball to the wrong post.


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