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Solskjaer coach & # 39; tra Google & # 39; to attack the quarter-final schedule of the Champions League International football

Coach Solskjaer said he did not understand why the European Football Association (UEFA) had ensured that the quarterfinals between M.U – Barcelona took place on Tuesday evening (April 16, local time), instead of on Wednesday. M.U lost 0-1 to Barcelona at home base on Wednesday-evening.

Solskjaer coach & # 39; tra Google & # 39; to appeal to the quarterfinals schedule of the Champions League - photo 1

The condition of M.U players will be more or less influenced by plowing 3 intense games in 7 days AFP

After losing Barcelona, ​​the side of Old Trafford continued to win against West Ham in the 34th Premier League last Saturday. And now "Red Devils" in Manchester have to play the quarter final of the Champions League in the Nou Camp on Tuesday and this is the third game that extends 7 AM from M.U.

Meanwhile, according to Solskjaer coach, Tottenham and Manchester City matches, as well as Liverpool and Porto (the teams that also play in the quarterfinals of the Champions League) have one more day to prepare for the second leg (while playing games). the first stage on Tuesday last week and started the second stage of this Wednesday.

"I don't understand that (which means that the UEFA agenda is arranged). Someone has to explain why other teams have an extra day. We tried to type Google about whether UEFA should change that? Someone had to explain why the the first stage on Wednesday evening became the third stage in the Champions League, "complained Solskjaer.

Indeed, playing 3 games in 7 days will more or less affect the condition of MU players, so it will make it harder for the "Reds" on the way back to the Nou Camp after the end. unfavorable results in the first turn. The side of Old Trafford got a mental boost for their trip to Catalan with a 2-1 win over West Ham to revive their hope for the Premier League top 4. However, this victory was less convincing when two goals from M.U were scored by Paul Pogba on the 11th minute after controversial error situations.

Solskjaer coach & # 39; tra Google & # 39; to attack Champions League quarter-final schedule - photo 3

Messi (left) is expected to shine to bring Barcelona to the semifinals AFP

Meanwhile Barcelona, ​​despite the fact that last weekend 0-0 was left behind by the underdog Huesca in La Liga, but the team of coach Ernesto Valverde didn't mind because they had almost reached the championship with 9 points more than the team. second place Atletico Madrid table. So in this competition, coach Valverde gave most pillars a break to get the best power at M.U. to welcome.

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