The driver has misrepresented the number, ie the stem

Related to the affair Cars to Audi suddenly turn back Mercedes and 2 motorcyclesOn 13/11 the driver of the accident was present at the police. This person was identified as Mr. B.X.D. (57 years old, living in Tay Ho district).

At first Mr. D. said during the move that the wrong number was wrong, he stuck and continued to pedal with a wrong foot pedal. At the time of the accident the driver did not use alcohol because certain information spread on social networks.

Clip: Car to lose control of the city. Source: Otofun.

According to Major Bui Chi Hung, deputy head of the CSGT-TTCD (Cau Giay district police, Ha Noi), Mr. D. stayed in the emergency hospital for two victims. Then he went to check his health and then go home.

As mentioned before, At around 5 pm on November 12th at Nguyen Khanh Toan (district of Cau Giay, Hanoi), the Audi car to Hanoi BKS was suddenly driven from the road between many flying motorcycles.

The car to Audi back rising accident caused the accident in the streets of Hanoi: The driver incorrectly proposed the number of stalk - Photo 2.

The car back to Audi lost control of the accident.

The car to Audi crashes and causes an accident on the street in Hanoi: the driver has misrepresented the number, so steals - Picture 3.

The Mercedes was badly damaged.

Without stopping, the car climbed the center line between trees, crossed the opposite lane and entered another Mercedes. On the spot many motorcycles fell on the road, many witnesses are horrified by the incident.

The accident caused Nguyen Van C. (55 years old, at the Nghia Tan Gymnasium, Hanoi) to drive an engine number 29S … broke a leg, the rest was slightly injured.

At present, the authorities continue to investigate the car, reinforce inspection paths, testimonies from the parties.

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