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The radio operator burst into tears after a man's call

Mrs. Huyen has shared, the alarm center 115 has only 4 employees on duty. On average she receives 700-800 calls per day, many of which are bullying.

"That has a major impact on the treatment of patients," Huyen emphasized.

The operator of the station burst into tears after the call from a man - Photo 1.
Staff of 115 switchboards – Nguyen Thanh Huyen (SN 1983).

In addition to the intimidation call, the emergency dispatcher 115 also stands for the situation of false emergency notification.

"When the telephone number comes in, even if it is known as a bully number (because of frequent calls), we still have to listen to the phone," said Huyen.

Once called the phone number in the "black" list, the person on the other side said in a serious voice. They told the center of the family that is ill, needs an emergency vehicle. Later this man entered the home address, telephone number for the operator.

The counselor, 115 added, the man called repeatedly, and urged her to drive to the emergency for family members by car. Mrs. Huyen coordinated an eekip to find the address given by the husband.

The staff who came to the place, the other man called, were told that it should let the family go. But wait an hour without result, the staff called back and the subscriber switched off the phone. At that time, the new alarm center was simply fooled by that man.

Ms. Huyen made a phone call and asked for an ambulance to the beer area on the Huynh Thuc Khang street. According to the caller, the patient has difficulty breathing, cyanosis, foaming of the mouth. Mrs. Huyen immediately took the car to that address.

Arriving at the spot, the seekers around the beer shop, everyone confirmed that nobody called emergency. A group of drunk young people in the corner of the beer shop laughed and laughed … Knowing that the fake newspaper, the staff had to bring the car back. Mrs. Huyen shared, every day 115 emergency workers received such calls.

"Such cases have a major impact on the work of treating patients, because in those days the cases of real need may not have a vehicle, the life of the patient may be threatened, especially in a critical case," said Ms. Huyen.

The operator of the station burst into tears after a call from a man - Photo 2.
One work shift of the emergency switchboard 155.

However, there are also many phone calls in her head to remember. That day was the end of the year, so the weather was pretty cold. Throughout the day, she and her colleagues knew urgent cases of alcohol poisoning, accidents …

Unexpectedly, at 12 o'clock in the night, Mrs. Huyen received a phone call from the desk number, the other end of the line was a voice that sounded like a man. She felt that the person seemed to be very urgent.

She answers and sees if that person needs help, but reacting is still a buzz. Eventually the person hung up. A few minutes, the number continued to ring on the switchboard, still the same state.

The operator said that intimidation must politely ask permission to hang up. 5 minutes later the bell filled again. Still the phone number above, this time a woman in panic, ask the center to treat emergency vehicles to the address in Dong Da district, there are people at risk.

She said that the victim is an elderly woman who lives with her eldest son who was born deaf and dumb. The youngest daughter lives in Ho Chi Minh City. The son saw his mother in need, called an ambulance but could not talk. He hastened to strike her door, gestured for help, she understood the idea, called the center.

"That 80-year-old woman fell into the toilet that day, hit her head to the ground, which led to fainting but received emergency medical aid so her life was not in danger.

The old lady had a pathetic situation, her son was disabled and that night there was no good neighbor, did she know what to do? When I spoke on the phone about the circumstances of the old woman, I also had tears in my eyes, "Huyen said.

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