What does Bui Tien Dung say about the style of Xuan Truong at the moment?

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung reacted to the press.

In the afternoon of November 13, the coach of Vietnam trained at the PVF Young Training Center to prepare for the next match at the AFF Cup 2018. In this training session, coach Hang-seo sent Bui Tien Dung away representative responded to the press.

Tien Dung said about the two teams Myanmar and Malaysia: "Yesterday, after the meal, the whole team also went to see and study the opponent. Park also advised each individual that we should pay attention to each position to prepare.

We see the opponents are very strong and the whole team will do their best. From today's training, the whole team will use tactics to deal with every opponent. The details are part of the preparation of the team, so I can not reveal it".

Bui Tien Dung practiced with his teammates.

In response to the current style of Xuan Truong Muong-keeper said during the training sessions and especially the last game, the midfielder of HAGL at this moment the best form, including the same is true

In a reaction to the fever of Vietnam versus Malaysia, Tien Dung added, with a personal player, he always liked a game with a busy audience in the stands. However, he can not think too much about this because Mr. Park also instructed the team to remove the fear by heart.

"I also try to arrange tickets for family members, but with the audience I hope that there is a way people can watch this match."Said Tien Dung

"At this moment we are ready for the upcoming matches. We have been very well prepared since the beginning of our focus so far. The points almost fall into the coming game", Tien Dung information.

Asked not to grasp his chance to play regularly, Tien Dung said he should always be prepared. If you have the ability to help the team, try to do the best and do it right.

The assessment of the punters of Malaysia is Talaha, Dung Dung: "At the end of the game he was very good and overall the whole Malaysian team was very good and their tactics were not good enough after the game, because Laos played very well yesterday."

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