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The country's largest beverage company, Delta Corporation Limited, attributed the deficits in beverages in the country to foreign currency deficits

  Chibuku Plant owned by Delta Corporation
Chibuku Plant owned by Delta Corporation


Among the products that are scarce are carbonated drinks, maheu, as well as some of the beer brands commonly found on the market in Zimbabwe.

A survey of the Daily News on Sunday showed that some stores were not even getting supplies of the beverages, while there is a fear that the deficits will spread to other products.

Zimbabwe is struggling with the delivery of, among other things; cooking oil, eggs, bread and fuel.

Delta Murphy, corporate affairs director, told a local newspaper daily that the company had problems acquiring sufficient foreign currency to ensure that they operated at full capacity.

"As stated in our previous trade updates, Delta relies on a number of critical imported raw materials.

The limited availability of foreign currencies mainly affects soft drinks and mahe, and we have not been able to buy enough foreign currency for these imports because foreign currency is currently scarce in the nation, "Murambinda said.

However, she said that the interruptions in the offer may continue depending on the availability of foreign currencies. 19659006] "The range of products can be further disturbed by low foreign exchange availability and we keep our customers informed of the product lines that will be available at all times.

" Our maheu plant currently has a lower capacity than the capacity , with significant shortage of products on the market due to shortage of packaging material, "she said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an economic meltdown and a growing black foreign exchange market, with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe failing to implement persistent solutions to the problem

The central bank has recently announced that it no longer has granted US dollars to banks to be withdrawn by private individuals as a measure to curb debt ck market foreign currency transactions. Daily News.

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