Eco-friendly urinals in the open air in Paris that cause riots

PARIS (WFLA / CNN) – Officials in Paris have adopted a unique approach to fighting urination by the public, but not everyone is a fan of the idea.

New environmentally friendly urinals in open air or "uritrottoirs" – let some people in the French capital live furiously.

The bright red "intelligent" urinals are housed in flower boxes and have straw layers that eliminate odor. They are completely exposed on street corners and have signs that advertise their location.

The city installed the urinals in "heavily loaded areas" where public urination is a problem.

City officials say the urinals will use nutrients in waste to produce compost for parks and gardens. In a statement they said that one year of urine from a person contains enough nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to fertilize 400 square meters of wheat.

But some residents are not happy with the new addition to their streets. According to CNN, some residents complain that the location of the urinals is not suitable.

"It is not the best thing to see people peeing right in front of your door."

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