FIRST® Global Challenge unites 160+ countries in Mexico City to inspire the next generation of innovators and future world leaders

, a non-profit organization founded to promote science
and technological leadership and innovation among young people of everyone
countries through the sport of robotics, brought students out
more than 160 countries last week in Arena Ciudad de Mexico for the FIRST
Global Challenge, a high-profile, international robotics competition
the convening of high school-going participants who work together to solve
global challenges.

Ricardo Salinas, president of Grupo Salinas, founding member of FIRST
Worldwide, and chairman and host of 2018 FIRST Global challenge
in Mexico City, recognized the passion of the young competitors
to create and control robots. "This is the best demonstration that this is
the world can become a better world if we all work together, "he said.

The focus of 2018 FIRST
Global challenge
used to be "Energy
, "Where changing alliances of three nations competed
fuel plants, initiate renewable energy plans and build resilience
transmission network in a simulated exercise using robots. The event
stressed the importance of different energy sources and made them
more sustainable, excited students to learn and discover STEM via
robotics, and inspired students and adults on the importance of
collaborate on places of origin, beliefs, religions and races
building a better future.

This competition not only inspires those who participate, but also a lot
more of the home countries of the teams. The inauguration FIRST Global
The challenge was held last year with 157 countries. It is based on the
principles of FIRST,
a K-12 STEM non-profit training, founded by the inventor dean
in 1989.

"I have learned FIRST that if we teach the young people of the world
people the common language of STEM, they will learn to cooperate
about cultural and religious differences, "said Dean Kamen, president
from DEKA Research & Development and founder of FIRST and FIRST
Global. "By the excitement of an Olympic sporting event,
the FIRST Global Challenge unites students around the world
to solve the biggest problems we encounter as a global community. "

Official sponsors of 2018 FIRST Global Challenge includes:
Bezos Family Foundation, TE Connectivity Foundation, Qualcomm
Incorporated, Royalty Pharma / Alianzia AMZA, DeKa Foundation, Intel,
Shell, Baker Hughes GE, FedEx, Tec de Monterrey and MexiChem.

"At the TE Connectivity Foundation we believe that building strong
communities and increasing access to education and careers
engineering and technology help create sustainable, sustainable workers
and meaningful employment opportunities for everyone, "Kathleen Ambrose, vice
president global government affairs and corporate responsibility for TE
Connectivity and Executive Director for TE Connectivity Foundation. "FIRST
Global meets that goal and goes one step further, with the focus on
championship challenges in Mexico City about solving a social problem. The
students we met have overwhelmed us with their commitment and
brilliance, and we would not be happier to see our mission from the Foundation
come to life in this important event. "

"Qualcomm is proud to support FIRST Global and great
students from all over the world ", says Salvador Blasco, vice
president, business development, for Qualcomm Incorporated and general
manager of the Mexico office. "This is especially important in places
where Qualcomm operates and does business as a way to deal with young people
talent and give back to the community. "

"FIRST Global is a driving force behind educational innovation,
strive to reach young people regardless of their background and wherever they are
life, who share the dream of invention, "said Harry Elsinga, chief human
resources officer for Baker Hughes, a GE company. "As a global company
devoted to inventing smarter ways to bring energy to the world, that's us
proud to support the organization through The Baker Hughes Foundation
and by student mentors at locations around the world, inspiring
and are interested in STEM courses and careers to develop the following
generation of innovators, changemakers and leaders equipped to solve
global challenges. "

The games of this year ended with exciting final championship matches and
a prize-giving ceremony, in which teams were rewarded in several medals
categories – both qualitative and quantitative in nature – emphasis
the qualities that FIRST Global wants to inspire in the STEM
leaders of tomorrow. The winners (listed below) for the qualitative
prizes were selected by a group of internationally selected jurors.

1. FIRST Global Winning Alliance Award
Awarded to
the three teams in the winning alliance in the final

Winning Alliance: Romania, Singapore, Germany

2. FIRST Global Finalist Alliances Award
Awarded to the
alliance with three teams that finished second in the final and winning
alliance in third place

a. Second place: Maldives,
Iceland, Colombia
b. Second Runner Up: United Kingdom, Georgia,

3. FIRST Global Challenge Award
Awarded to teams that
earn the most ranking points (based on win-lose-tie record)

Gold: Romania
b. Silver: United States of America
c. Bronze:

4. FIRST Global Grand Challenge Award
Awarded to teams
who collect the most cumulative points in the course of the competition

Gold: Romania
b. Silver: Singapore
c. Bronze: Moldova

5. Zhang Heng Award for Engineering Design
Awarded to teams
whose robot exhibits excellent engineering and shows elegance and elegance
effectiveness during the challenge

a. Gold: United States of America
b. Silver: Honduras
c. Bronze: Vietnam

6. Ustad Ahmad Lahori Award for innovation in engineering
to teams demonstrating creativity and innovation in building their
robot to complete an aspect of the challenge

a. Gold: Norway
Silver: Italy
c. Bronze: Turkey

7. Dr. Mae Jemison Award for international unity
Awarded to
teams that follow the best qualities of FIRST Global by breaking up
barriers, demonstration of graceful professionalism and building bridges
with fellow teams

a. Gold: Tunisia
b. Silver: Latvia
Bronze: Israel

8. Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli Award for courageous achievement
to teams that have a "can-do" attitude throughout the Challenge, even
under difficult circumstances, or when things do not go as planned

Gold: Hope
b. Silver: Venezuela
c. Bronze: Zimbabwe
José de Caldas Award for sustainable excellence
Awarded to one
person who contributed to a strong and sustainable FIRST Global
program & # 39; s

d. Gold: Barbara Gomez Navarro
e. Silver: Omar
f. Bronze: Bibia Sharma

9. Al-Khwarizmi Award for excellent supporter
Awarded to
institutions, sponsors or governments that have assisted a FIRST Global team

Gold: Mexico
b. Silver: Uruguay
c. Bronze: Nigeria

10. Sofia Kovalevskaya Award for international travel
to teams who have documented and shared their FIRST global experience with
the rest of the FIRST Global community

a. Gold: Turkmenistan
Silver: Algeria
c. Bronze: Nigeria

11. Albert Einstein Award for FIRST Global International
Awarded to the teams whose robots performed best
during the FIRST Global Challenge and an example of all the principles of the
FIRST global community

a. Gold: Romania
b. Silver: Mexico
Bronze: Poland

12. Clara Barton Award for helping hands
Awarded to teams that
help other teams in a time of need.

a. Gold: India
Silver: China
c. Bronze: Guam

13. Katherine Johnson Award for engineering documentation
to teams that show how they have built their robot

Gold: Germany
b. Silver: Albania
c. Bronze: Peru

14. International Enthusiasm Award
Awarded to teams that offer support
each other and other teams during the Challenge

a. Gold:
The Netherlands
b. Silver: Philippines
c. Bronze: Malaysia

15. Mansa Musa Award for fundraising
Awarded to teams that
demonstrated to FIRST Global that they have made an effort in good faith
sponsor action

1. Chile
2. Iceland
3. United States of
4. India
5. Tunisia
6. Slovenia
7. Trinidad
and Tobago
8. Venezuela
9. New Zealand
10. Cameroon

16. Walt Disney Award for imagination and creativity
1. South Africa
3. Indonesia

17. Judges Award – Technical
In the course of
the competition, the jury can decide on the unique efforts of a team,
performance or dynamism deserve recognition.

1. Slovakia
3. Sri Lanka

18. Judges Award – Not technical
During the course
of the competition, the jury can decide that a team is unique
Effort, performance or dynamism deserve recognition.

1. Nicaragua
3. Central African Republic

19. Excellent mentor
Awarded to mentors who are above and
outside the call of their team.

1. Benin
2. Team
3. Tunisia
4. Morocco
5. Jamaica
6. Brazil

In accordance with FIRST Global's mission to inspire science and
technological leadership and innovation internationally, the FIRST
Global Challenge takes place every year in another country. The
organization wants to empower all young people through science and
technology and works seriously to recruit teams from countries that
could not accompany us this year.

About FIRST Global
Global & # 39; s
mission is to inspire science and technological leadership and
innovation among young people from all countries to increase
understanding, instill the importance of cooperation, address the
The world's most pressing issues, and improving the quality of life for everyone.
By showing the young people of the world that if they communicate, work together,
and collaborate – even in a competition – with the tools of science
and engineering to find solutions to the world's biggest challenges,
they will be able to achieve great things and become part of a commodity
global community. For more information visit FIRST Global & # 39; s website,
Facebook, twitter,
and YouTube
page & # 39; s.

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