Renault teases new Arkana Crossover before 2018 Moscow Motor Show debut

The new C-segment crossover from Renault is called Arkana and is initially only launched in Russia.

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The new crossover from Renault is now only for the Russian market.

We had already told you that Renault is working on a new C-segment crossover for the Russian market and will make its public debut at the 2018 Moscow Motor Show on August 29th. At that time Renault said that the new crossover is a real breakthrough for the Russian SUV market, as this is the first country to sell this new model. But now the company has teased part of the new crossover and also officially announced the name. The new C-segment crossover from Renault is called Arkana and will gradually reach the other markets. However, it will still be unclear for India.


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Renault has not revealed much about the Renault Arkana, but expects the design to be fresh from the previous cars of the French car manufacturer. However, Renault has announced that the new crossover of Arkana in 2019 will make its market debut in Russia and will gradually reach the other markets.


Renault says that the name Arkana is derived from the Latin ARCANUM what & # 39; secret & # 39; means and was used for centuries to mark events and phenomena of special significance. The company also says that the name Arkana underscores the uniqueness of the future crossover and its incredible magnetism and the model is associated with mystery, attractiveness and pioneering spirit.

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