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Hundreds of employees of the Mazowe mine are reportedly losing their jobs after the company is housed and maintained in Zimbabwe.

The mine of Mazowe is part of the Metallon Corporation group, which includes the mines of How Mine, Mazowe Mine, Shamva and Redwing. The employees reportedly received a notice period of three months pending dismissal.

"Employees have received three-month notices awaiting dismissal, employees are now unemployed and are waiting for their packages within five months," said a source.

A letter, allegedly signed by Acting General Director Joseph Chifamba, confirmed that workers in the Mazowe mine were being staggered.

The letter to the employees is as follows: "Please note that as a result of restructuring your position has become redundant and that you therefore cancel your employment three months in advance.The notice period runs from 1 September 2018 to 30 November 2018. In accordance with the Labor law is negotiating a budget package in the works council. "

Unconfirmed reports also claimed that 200 employees of Shamva Gold Mine also received notifications to terminate the employment.

Despite the positive production and the financial results of the past two years, the gold mining group has faced problems, including the non-payment of salaries in connection with allegations of externalization of mining revenues that the company has withdrawn from working capital. The group is currently facing allegations of externalization of more than US $ 30 million (R440 million).

ZAPTU Secretary-General Japhet Moyo, Zimbabwe, said: "If these reports reflect what is happening in the mining sector, especially in these companies, it is a sad situation.

"Do not forget that during the election period our mega-languages ​​were told and a company in the mining industry promised to employ 15,000 employees.This development, if confirmed, is contrary to what was promised to us.We hope this has nothing to do with the controversial elections, something that we have discussed as labor before the vote, that this country can not afford another contested election result, "Moyo said.

But in a statement on their website, Gold Fields of Mazowe (Private) Limited (GFM), the parent company of Mazowe Mine, said: "GFM is currently undergoing a re-engineering of its operations." The company has suspended underground mining to focus on accelerated mining development, which will lead to future mechanization and volume mining.

"Production continues from the new 60,000 ton-a-month sand plant, extensive underground and underground exploration is in progress and underground mining will be resumed in 2021. In addition to these changes, there is a rationalization of labor.

"A number of positions will be placed on services / shorter time while the evaluations of the operations are in progress, implemented to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure the employees and all stakeholders ", according to the statement.

– African News Agency (ANA)

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