These Ten Ugandan startups have been selected to compete for the Kampala seed stables this year

Seedstars World has put a group of ten Ugandan starting startups on the shortlist to participate in the 2018 edition of the Seedstars Kampala event.

The ten selected startups that came from diverse areas such as eCommerce, fintech, agritech and a number of other sectors are now going to take their chances to follow in the footsteps of last year's winners; Numidawho won the local round and then represented Uganda in the Seedstars World Global Summit previous time-out.

The Seedstars World competition is generally regarded as one of the biggest start-up competitions for emerging markets and fast-growing start-up scenes and for good reasons too. Seedstars is committed to promoting the growth of emerging start-up ecosystems by exposing some of the most promising start-ups in these markets and providing them with the means to further develop their products and scale.

Now, here are the ten startups that are far advanced to the final of Seedstars Kampala and will try to compete after they have passed the preselection because of their satisfactory fulfillment of a number of criteria specified by Seedstars.

2ambale Limited: A mobile solution that allows users to buy outfits and clothing in shops in the city within an hour and at no extra cost.

Agro Supply Uganda Limited: A platform dedicated to the financing of agricultural technologies through microsparen on mobile devices.

Bringo Fresh Deliveries: A solution designed to help farmers easily access organized markets for their fresh produce.

CoinPesa Ltd: A digital currency exchange built for the users of the emerging crypto market.

Digi Health Limited: A data collection and reporting app that has the potential to improve data management between health professionals in the community.

Mallan Co. Limited: This startup proposes an emergency payment option with its product called YakaKo Pay, which offers users electricity / electricity on credit. It is designed to help users enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.

Medical Street International Co. Ltd: An online eCommerce platform that makes a wide range of medical supplies and products readily available to health consumers with significant discounts on prices.

OlyCash: A simple, affordable and scalable tool for use in local and international eCommerce, as well as non-physical cash payments.

Quest Digital Finance: A platform that aims to make credit facilities accessible to farmers and traders easily accessible by using mobile and web-based tools tailored to the needs of local communities.

Digital Health Access: This startup connects people with professional caregivers and caregivers through a mobile and web app.

Direct winners in the past, Numida, would like to be reminded of their innovative solution, which included the construction of a reliable package of business and financial products, adapted to the needs of African SMEs.

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Winners of the 2017 edition: Numida
Image via Innovation Village

Among the remarkable personalities that the jury will form during this year's competition are CK Japheth; Team leader at Innovation Village, Otim Gerald; Founder and leader of Ensibuuko, Takuma Terakubo; Founder and CEO of Leapfrog Ventures, as well as Maryam Mgonja; Seedstars Associate for East Africa.

The latest edition of the Ugandan leg of the competition can be considered as the result of joint efforts between Seedstars World and Outbox; the Ugandan tech hub that is expected to host the pitch event for this Friday. Seedstars Regional Partner for Africa, Merck, it is also known that they have weighed with considerable support.

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