Zimbabwe: Kwese Iflix Million-Dollar promotion for a flying start

Kwesé iflix launched a massive $ 1 million promotion last week to reward users of popular mobile sports and entertainment services.

The promotion offers Kwesse iflix users the chance to win 12 brand-new vehicles, tablets, mobile phones and guaranteed daily rates for each user.

A week after the launch of the promotion, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Fayaz King, said the promotion – one of the largest ever to come to the local market – was designed to make everyone a winner.

"When we come from a particularly cold winter in Zimbabwe, we are delighted to celebrate spring with our customers by launching the Kwesé iflix One Million Dollar promotion," Mr King said.

"What makes me very happy with this promotion is that absolutely everyone will be guaranteed something," he said.

Mr King said the promotion, which was now well and truly under way after its launch last week, had already led to intense public interest.

"Although there are still a lot of early days, we are extremely pleased with the market's response to the $ 1 million promotion and wish all participants the best if they enjoy more than 3000 quality programs," he said, and repeated how the public could respond. part of the promotion.

"It's very simple: you download the Kwese iflix app from Appstore or Google Playstore and buy a Kwesé iflix bundle – for just the $ 1. For every Kwesé iflix bundle you purchase, you will immediately receive a prize."

"And that is not all," said the director. "Our customers will be even more pleased to know that, in addition to the guaranteed instant prices, they have the right to enter weekly and monthly draws for every Kwese iflix bundle they buy, giving them the opportunity to win hundreds of prizes. winning, ranging from 12 brand new vehicles, mobile phones and tablets, Kwese Play Units, flat screen TV's and more, "said Mr King, adding that customers should view the press for details on the weekly drawings this weekend to start.

Kwesé iflix – a joint venture between Econet Media and iflix – was launched in June of this year – and offers a digital entertainment platform that offers more than 3000 live and on-demand content programs.

The service, available in a free mobile app in the Apple Store and on Google Play, gives users the choice of a wide range of rich and varied content, as well as the convenience of viewing wherever and whenever they want.

"We are talking about 3000 high-quality entertainment and sports programs – the ultimate entertainment experience – wherever and whenever you need it, plus the opportunity to win every time you make a purchase and the very real opportunity to drive in a brand-new vehicle, "Mr King said.

In addition to offering the best international, regional and local content programs specifically aimed at the African public, iflix recently reported live on all 2018 FIFA World Cup football matches that were played in Russia in July, of which Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni said last week that the subscription accounts of Kwese Iflix had been displaced to more than 1.2 million over the past three months.

Mr. King said the Kwesé iflix Million Dollar promotion would take three months, with weekly and monthly big draws in each province.

"To ensure that everyone wins big, we will hold monthly draws in each of our 8 commercial regions covering all the country's geographic counties," he said.

Econet Wireless has the most comprehensive data coverage, something that will certainly help its customers across the country as they bid to win big, and make it a hot spring with fun, entertainment and prizes in abundance.

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