& # 39; Crazy Rich Asians & # 39; is a hit at the checkout – and Twitter

It is official. Crazy Rich Asians, the first Hollywood study film in 25 years with a cast full of Asian origin, is a hit. The film opened as No. 1 at the cash register with a strong $ 26.5 million, supported by favorable reviews and strong presence on social media.

Especially on Twitter, Crazy Rich Asians attracted a lot of buzz during both the release and the opening weekend. Since July 1, Twitter users around the world have placed more than 781,000 tweets per Twitter spokesperson Jen Santamaria. More than 350,000 of those tweets were posted over the weekend, making it the most tweeted film in August so far.

The Hollywood film starring an Asian-American woman in the lead is not surprising given most tweets in the United States, according to Twitter. Singapore, where Crazy Rich Asians is set, also had many things to say; It was fifth in top-tweet countries. The Philippines, Malaysia and Canada round off the places two, three and four.

The most retweet tweet about the film so far came from HuffPost Asian voices editor Kimberly Yam. The first of her eight-tweet discussion about learning to embrace her identity was retweeted more than 115,000 times.

Director Jon Chu tweeted that he & # 39; was very lucky as a small part of this gigantic movement & # 39 ;, and indeed, Crazy Rich Asians has subscribed to a large and diverse group of Twitter users:

It is only the beginning Crazy Rich Asians, which is predicted to win $ 35.3 million by the fifth day in the cinema. Expect that the presence of social media will play a role in the figures for the coming weekend.

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