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Every week Julie Chen answers a few questions about the latest events in the Big Brother House.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Julie, what's going on here? Faysal nominates someone in his own alliance and then lets him walk out the door. How much of this was game-related in terms of mistakenly believing that Scottie had not voted to keep Rockstar, and how much was Faysal simply spending on another guy who paid a lot of attention to Haleigh?
JULIE CHEN: All of the above. It was a kickstart by Faysal not to believe Scottie – for whatever ridiculous reason – that Scottie Rockstar had not voted and decided to believe Brett about his Scottie. The part of Haleigh was only the nail in the coffin.

Scottie seemed genuinely repentant about his attempts to save himself by throwing Haleigh and Sam under the bus. What was his fatal mistake in this game?
His fatal mistake was not enough to protest that he had not voted for Rockstar last week. He had to tell Faysal something as he swears, let's say his mother's life – or whoever is the most important person in his life – that he did not vote for Rockstar. He just let it slide. Sitting back this week will cost him this game.

Tyler talked about the last 2 deals with almost everyone in the house. Is that smart, or will he ultimately deliver jury members, as Paul did last year?
The only difference is that Tyler's personality is just as relaxed and likeable as he might get away with it! If he gets the last 2, it all depends on how he does it in his last speech before the jury and how he deals with their difficult questions. Paul's problem last year was that he suffocated during those portions. He showed no remorse, was not charming, was too defensive and rolled his eyes and faces while Josh defended his case. It was an unlikely moment for someone who was so sympathetic and really loved by his teammates during the game.

Finally, as the Chenbot, what did you think of the Zingbot this year and who do you think got the heaviest turn?
Three-way draw between Brett is called a shower, Faysal is called an idiot, and Sam is called crazy. The crazy comment about Sam was only bad because of the reaction of the others who were hiding, which means that they all thought it and were afraid of her. In addition, Sam's reaction showed how painful it was because she looked like she was crying because she felt it was true.

As far as Brett is concerned, the fact that no one laughed and he looked very embarrassed and hurt, made it so hard to look. Even if you think he is a shower, it was common. I felt bad for him. Now that I think about it, Faysal & # 39; s was not that bad. He did not seem to care so much that he was called an idiot. He laughed it out.

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