Bond 25 release date reportedly in doubt after Danny Boyle exit

Espionage film The planned release date of Bond 25 is now reportedly at risk.

On Tuesday, a statement on the official James Bond Twitter account confirmed that Danny Boyle no longer directed the feature, calling them & # 39; creative differences & # 39; as the reason for the unexpected departure of the British filmmaker.

And without a director, fans of the franchise may have to wait much longer to watch the long-awaited film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sources have told editors at the publication that Bond 25 will now miss its planned release date of November 8, 2019 in the US and claim that it is possible that the film will be unveiled only in 2020, but production will still start in December.

Boyle revealed that in March he would play the last Bond film by Daniel Craig after confirming that he and his writing partner John Hodge were working on a scenario for the film.

Directors, including Christopher Nolan, Tom Ford and Specter helper Sam Mendes have been announced as potential contenders to get started.

Reporters from The Daily Telegraph also claimed that Craig had the exit from the Slumdog Millionaire director's directorium since he apparently played a key role in choosing his cast friends and that he and producers were skeptical about plans to change the relative unknown Polish actor Tomasz to cast. Kot as the villain of the film.

And on Friday, Jonathan Pryce – who played Tomorrow Never Dies baddie Elliot Carver – suggested that Boyle was not familiar with the franchise as: "(Producers) clearly could not take a Socialist League."

"You see, there are the Dannys of this world and then there are people who do the blockbusters," he added.

In addition, it was reported that the 61-year-old Bond wanted to make 25 more up-to-date and "the franchise would help evolve in the #MeToo and #TimesUp era."

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