Dario Argento defends daughter Asia, about allegations of sexual violence

4:23 pm PDT 8/22/2018


Ariston Anderson

The horror maestro says his daughter will fight back against the allegations of sexual violence against her and speculates that Harvey Weinstein may be behind the entire operation.

Asia Argento's father, the famous horror hunter and director Dario Argento, defended his daughter amid accusations of having sexually abused a young actor.

In an interview published on Wednesday in the Italian newspaper La StampaArgento claimed "there is an air of conspiracy" around the accusations that Asia Agento sexually assaulted ex-child actor Jimmy Bennett in 2013, when Bennett was 17 and Argento 37.

The New York Times first published the claims and disclosed legal documents explaining Bennett's claim and shows that Argento paid Bennett $ 380,000 earlier this year. Argento has acknowledged that she has made the secret payment to Bennett, but has denied that she ever had a sexual relationship with a minor man. She claims that her then-boyfriend, the late Anthony Bourdain, prompted her to pay Bennett, so that he would stop bothering them.

In the interview Argento senior said: "my daughter will fight" with the accusations, adding that "everything that happens brings me into a negative state of mind, it is a sequence of unpleasant events." He speculated that there could be a connection between the recent revelations around his daughter and Bennett and the unjust film producer Harvey Weinstein. Asia Agento was one of the first women to publicly come forward to claim that Weinstein had sexually abused them. She has remained one of the most outspoken prosecutors of Weinstein.

"I'm only going to make assumptions, but certainly, because Asia decided to accuse her [against Harvey Weinstein] there have been violent reactions, even in Italy, by politicians, "Dario told Agento La Stampa. "Many have attacked her." He selected two particularly cruel critics: Italian politicians Vittorio Sgarbi and Matteo Salvini.

Argento said he had the impression "there was something dark, false or at least very strange" in the story of Bennett, as reported. But did not provide new facts to support his impressions. "We have to see if the accusations are true, I do not think so," he added. Argento suspected that Bennett's claims against his daughter might be the result of an organized attempt to put her in a bad light … that Weinstein told his lawyers to dig dirt on her. & # 39;

Asia Agento has come under fire since Bennett's allegations were made public. Weinstein lawyer Ben Brafman spoke the next day after the Times report, in which the Italian actress is accused of "a staggering level of hypocrisy." Argento would shine in Sky Italia & # 39; s x Factor as a judge of the TV talent show, which premieres on September 6, but producers Freemantle Media Italia say they will be deposed if the accusations of the attack are confirmed.

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