Donel wants to be an inspiration

Donel Mangena with his family

Donel Mangena with his family

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz correspondent
THE VOICE UK star Donel Mangena wants to be an inspiration for a generation in his music career and has set his sights on surpassing global superstars like Chris Brown and Usher.

Donel says that he wants Zimbabweans to be proud of their country, wherever they are in the world.

Speaking of his grandmother, the house of Nita Mangena in Bulawayo's suburb Old Luveve, Donel – who is in the country to visit family – said second place in the highly regarded The Voice UK only gave him the drive to to become a better musician and performer.

He said he saw himself better than global superstars like Usher and Chris Brown and wants to be like the late pop star Michael Jackson.

"I want them to say it not only on a small scale but on a global scale, like a Michael Jackson scale, I want to be better than Chris Brown and Usher in my head, I know I can get there through prayer and support and I have a drive that I want to prove something, even if I got second on The Voice UK, I want to prove that you always come first, I want to be an inspiration and an icon that people can look at. want to be the best someone has ever seen, I want someone who's in school and asked who they want to be and they say Donel, "he said.

Donel said that his other wish was for the people of Zimbabwe to be proud of where they come from, regardless of where they are in the world.

"Not many Zimbabweans in the UK are proud to be Zimbabwean, but when I came to The Voice, they came out and said they're from Zimbabwe, so I said to myself, if I'm going to do this and on a larger scale, more people will be proud to be Zimbabwean and more people will be proud and inspired, I want to turn Zimbabwe into a place where people want to go, there's great music and great food, "Donel said.

After blowing the stage at The Voice UK and impressing the world, Donel was asked to perform for Queen Elizabeth II during her 93rd birthday celebration.

For Donel this shows how far God has taken him.

"When I saw how far God has taken me into life, I have gained appreciation for what I have, because sometimes you can take things for granted." After I finished performing for the Queen, it was when I said wow, I just did that, it only starts after you start it again and you start to think, wow this really happened, "he said.

At the age of 16 Donel got a lot of attention in a short time, but his family keeps him going.

"My family and God help me to fame." I am a strong believer in Christ and I feel that it is what keeps me going, even the friends I have, I have no useless friends, I have the ones who really care about me and wish me a lot, "Donel said.

He said that he had met Nasty C last week in Britain and South Africa and admired how women shouted the name of the SA rapper.

Although Donel is on the ground, the young man said that he would like to enjoy the benefits of celebrity and occasionally want a piece. When Donel landed at Joshua Mqabuko International Airport last week, fans who recognized him took the time to make selfies with him and collect signatures.

"I walk through the city and people notice me with a hat.I think, I'm in a different country and people notice me and in less than a year.I want to be the person around the world where young children go to I met Nasty C when I came here, I saw girls screaming for him and I had such a thing, I want girls from all over the world to scream for me too, "said Donel.

When you are back home for Donel, it is time for him to reconnect with his grandmother, who smiled at the visit of Chronicle Showbiz.

It is ten years since he was in the house of the old Luveve and Donel said it was good to be home and see his grandmother.

"In Britain, everyone thinks it's great that my grandmother and I have a relationship like that, but when you come to Zimbabwe, it's a relationship that every grandchild has, it's good to come back and it's nice to to see people appreciate it too, "Donel said.

During his visit Donel was spotted in Red Café with his father Nkosana Mangena.

He also appeared on the Vuka Vuka breakfast show of Sky Metro FM yesterday.


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