Inside Jennifer Garner's complicated relationship with Ben Affleck

While Jennifer Garner received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday, with her parents and three children to support her, on the other side of the city, her future ex-husband am Affleck needed help.

The Justice League star, who had previously announced that he had completed rehabilitation in March 2017, had drunk again. "Ben had a hard time," a source told E! News. "He continues to fight against addiction, this week he called for help."

And although they were split in 2015 after 10 years of marriage, Garner answered the call and organized an intervention for the father of their three children, Violet, Serafina and Samuel.

Garner arrived in Affleck's home in the Pacific Palisades on Wednesday with a bodyguard in tow, an insider told us and eventually took him to a rehabilitation center.

"He told Jen and was not resistant," said our source. "He asked her to take him and she wanted to be there for him."

And since the couple met for the first time in 2004, Garner is still there for Affleck and offers an unwavering support system. "Jen had family in town and a lot happened, but she knew very well what was going on," a source said. "She saw the picture of the alcohol delivered to his home and knew he was home all day and that was the breaking point."

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Although she has a busy fall for her, with her return to action in the film Peppermint hitting theaters on September 7 and Camping, her new HBO comedy executive produced by Lena Dunham debuting in October, Garner's number 1 priority at the moment is her family now Affleck is on the way to a 30-day treatment.

"Jen told the children that Ben is sick and needs help from a doctor, she is open and honest with them," a source told E! News. "It is extremely sad and disappointing that this has happened again, but she will stay in front of him and not turn her back, she feels that she can not do it to her children and that she wants him to be in their life. . "

Because the austerity of the 46-year-old actor is questioned after his breakup of Lindsay Shookus and later dates with Playboy fashion model- Shauna SextonGarner took the decision to organize an intervention, probably knowing that there would be attention from such a movement, as she has been open to in the past about wrestling with the gossip that can cause their relationship.

"I turned CNN on one day and there we were, I just do not want to do it anymore", Garner said in 2016 about tuning the attention that had been put on their junction. "I took a silent oath with myself last summer to really stay offline, I have absolutely no idea."

And choosing not to make a shit about how the public and the media saw their separation takes a lot of effort, as Garner said: "Ben says," Oh, you just do not care, "and I say," No, it is the opposite. & # 39; It hurts me so much and I care so much … I can not be driven by the optics of this. I can not let anger or hurt my engine. I always have to move with the big picture always in mind, and the children first and foremost. "

Garner, 46, reflected on that period of gossip research in an interview with CBS Sunday morning Last week I admitted: "And when I look back on it, I really feel the stress of it, and I could really cry when I talk about it." (She even revealed that sometimes 15-20 cars could be parked outside her house and they are still clearly there.)

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Since the couple announced their split in June 2015, just a day after their 10-year wedding anniversary, Garner's "commitment to co-parenting" is clear, despite rumors about Affleck's relationship with the couple's former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, Which infamous back tattoo, and his busy cinema schedule. Garner supported her ex when he started filming Live by Night in Georgia later that same year, once the Alias star admitted to struggling during her infamous Vanity Fair profile in March 2016.

"I was not part of it, it started and it was a hard day for me," she said. "I brought the children to school and went home and went to bed, I did not have much of those days."

Affleck was quick to acknowledge Garner's support, and condemned her for helping him become one of Hollywood's successful actors directors after winning the Academy Award for Best Director for Argo. "My wife was really instrumental and helpful in me to do a lot of that work," he said Bill Simmons& # 39; Every Wednesday given. "because I was so focused [on it] and it was more difficult to keep family and everything in balance. & # 39;

And in an interview in 2016 with E! News, Affleck stumbled over the skills of his ex and told us: "Jen is a superhero mother, she is a great mother and I am really lucky to have her as a partner to help these children, we put them first and that's what we do. "

Garner and Affleck placed their three children first this month when it was reported that their divorce threatened to be rejected due to a lack of paperwork. The former couple did not seem to be in a hurry to complete their divorce, for which they filed an application last year, where an insider said they & # 39; live in a good place with the family and take careful steps to ensure that everything is in order & # 39 ;.

Another source added: "Both are incredibly good co-parents, they co-parent very well, and Jen has been incredibly patient and supportive of everything that Ben goes through."

Looking back on their relationship with Vanity FairGarner admitted that despite their glamorous red runner appearances and often represented the Hollywood ideal of a power pair, they had a part of the struggle they were trying to work through. (He apparently gave directions for those struggles when he accepted his Oscar in 2013 and said that their marriage is work, but it is the best kind of work.

"It was a real marriage," she said. "It was not for the cameras" and it was a huge priority for me to stay in. And that did not work. "

Garner & # 39; s parents, John and Patricia, have been married for 53 years, and their relationship inspired her to make her own marriage work … until it did not. (Garner was previously married to Luck Co-star Scott Foley for three years.)

"I am not married to the fat movie star, I am married him,"She said." And I would go back and make that decision again. I ran down the beach towards him, and I would do it again. You can not have these three babies and so much of what we had. He is the love of my life. What am I going to do? Which? He is the most brilliant person in every room, the most charismatic, the most generous. He is just a complicated guy. I always say: & # 39; When its sun shines on you, you feel it. But when the sun shines somewhere else, it is cold. He can cast a decent shadow. & # 39;

But after their split, Garner refused to stay in that shadow, even if the ex-exertion of her ex blocked the sun.

"It's not Ben's job to make me happy," she said Vanity Fair. "People are in pain – they regret things, they feel shame, and shame is like pain, no one has to hate him, I do not hate him, we certainly do not have to beat him – worry – my eyes were wide open during the marriage, I take good care of myself. "

In addition to the upcoming premieres of her films and TV series, Garner's slate is quite full: she is ready to star and producer her next film, Yeah bye (a tradition in which she gives in to her three children where she says "yes" to their question every day), uses her family's farm in Oklahoma to make ingredients for Once Upon a Farm, a biological baby food company that she co-founded. And when she does not, she "hosts" her viral sensation Pretend to be a cooking program, selling Girl Scout cookies and placing beautiful # TB photos on her beloved Instagram account.

As she once promised, she refuses to be the ashes.

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