Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's family trip to Mumbai is a beautiful engagement celebration

It is so beautiful when you see Hollywood couples running in front of each other in real time. The family visit of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra to Mumbai for example, has given fans an unusually intimate look at the recent involvement of the stars, and it is amazing. According to many media channels Jonas and his family Chopra accompanied to Mumbai, India, where most of her family lives. It is said that when you know how you think about someone, you know so it is no wonder that the parents of the couple met each other so early in the relationship. Especially considering the fact that the two artists have just confirmed their engagement via Instagram.

Early on Saturday, August 18, Chopra and Jonas placed a series of beautiful photographs that served as an official announcement. The actor placed a cozy-looking image of herself with Jonas in which she flashed the engagement ring and the inscription "Taken … With all my heart and soul … & # 39; adds. Jonas has placed the same exact post (aww) with the text & # 39; Future Mrs. Jonas, my heart, my love. & # 39; Fans may have previously doubted the legitimacy of the relationship, but there is no way to forge it. Just look at how they look into each other's eyes! It is so much. It is too much. No, actually it is perfect.

Chopra is a former Miss World and a bona fide Bollywood star; she has since switched to superstardom in Hollywood. The Times of India has kept a thorough account of everything the newly engaged couple in India is doing on their current journey. According to the publication Jonas & # 39; parents were Kevin Sr. and Denise Miller-Jonas present. Jonas' parents – the future in-laws of Chopra – attending the events and took family photos with Chopra and Jonas, which were published by the National Herald .

The couple was spotted by NDTV on their way to dinner the evening before the engagement events on Friday 17 August. As always, Chopra and Jonas looked very happy together in the photo 's.

Meanwhile, The Indian Express has updated a live blog of the visit of the Jonas family and the engagement celebrations. The publication is dutifully described the journey to keep fans informed. According to The Times of India the engagement photo reportage (the images with the combined N and P background) took place at a private location and the traditional roka ceremony took place in the family house of Chopra. In the evenings on Saturday, the engagement party took place as of The Indian Express .

Friends, relatives and participants from the United States and India went to Instagram to send their congratulations, which means that engagement events are well documented by beautiful photo's of Chopra and Jonas on Instagram.

The word "radiant" comes to mind, does it not? Nick Jonas also looks pretty good. Perhaps an apparently astonishing and supportive love in your life gives you that natural glow. You can only imagine the level of beauty that Chopra takes with her outfits at the engagement party on Saturday night.

This massive family trip to Mumbai brought both sides of this thriving relationship together and proved that they are above all serious.

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