Pokello celebrations with the separation of the new love socialite still pending

HARARE – Socialite Pokello Nare was partying at the weekend with her new love – Ronald Muzambe – while her divorce case is still pending at the Harare High Court.

The lovebirds were part of the crowd that was invited to the traditional full white birthday party of Genius Kadungure in South Africa.

Nare has a son (her second) with her three-year Ghanaian husband whom she met in the Big Brother Africa house, Elikem Kumordzie, but the marriage became sour, which led Kumordzie to request a divorce from the Zimbabwean courts.

Pokello and Kumordzie were divorced last year, lived in different countries and the Ghanaian wants a divorce decree and the custody of their minor child is granted to Pokello while giving reasonable access on agreed holidays and paying $ 500 as maintenance.

On the weekend, however, Muzambe – known as "Rondontharon" – and the "Queen of Swagger" can gush over each other with the placement of a video in which Muzambe refers to Pokello as "mai mwana" in one of his Instagram stories.

In the Shona culture, "mai mwana" is used as a reference to a female partner or wife.

Muzambe placed a video of Pokello in the car while his camera went up and down in a show-off style.

He also placed a short video clip on their shoes with red bottoms.

Apart from the two, a number of other Zimbabwean socialites also attended the party in full force, including Jackie Ngarande, Tazvi Mhaka (Chief Jose), Russell Goreraza, Luminista Dumbisa, Uncle Rolen, along with some DJs and the South African businessman Kenny Kunene.

Pokello and Muzambe were also present last year at a completely white jatch party that caused major damage to social media after Pokello was called for alleged & # 39; cheating & # 39; to her husband.

Although she previously placed Muzambe on her Instagram, the socialite continued to remove the photo and the relationship remained calm.

The couple has even been together on holiday in the Maldives according to photos on their social media pages & # 39; s and are seen together in different places.

On the other hand, Kumordzie described his marriage with the Zimbabwean as an error.

Pokello and Elikem married in 2015, two years after the encounter in the Big Brother Africa competition.

The rumor about Pokello and the separation of the Ghanaian began in November last year after he received several birthday messages from fans and friends on social media except for Pokello, which was strange because it seemed to be an annual ritual.

The two have a boy called Tristan, the second child of Pokello.

Elikem's visit to the South African nation also seems to have stopped, in contrast to the past, where Zimbabwe had become his second home.

Kumordzie recently published a short video of an engagement ring with a big rock with the caption: "I make absolutely no mistake with the next one.

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