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Music collaborations have worked wonders for many musicians, both locally and internationally. So many artists became famous after driving on better-established musicians with the Tanzanian bait, Diamond Platnumz and the Nigerian superstar Davido and our own Jah Prayzah as top beneficiaries of collabos.

After good runs with Mukoko, Watchu Want From Me, Bhachura and Akiliz, much better was expected of the goddess Ammara Brown barefoot, but her recent product "Svoto & # 39; with Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi, real name Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, has been described as lukewarm and without spark.

In an attempt to find out where contemporary artists are wrong in their pursuit of global recognition, 263Chat Lifestyle has the music superstar Dr Oliver & # 39; Samanyanga & # 39; Mtukudzi caught up, whose music has successfully crossed the oceans, and said: "real artists do not hunt for collaborations, but work on their identity."

"From my experience I would say that it is not a collaboration between songs that takes you to an international arena, but identity, I realized that I was doing well by concentrating on who I am and my identity because is no other Oliver Mtukudzi except me, which means I could not compete with anyone else, I had no competition.

"So you'll be noticed, because you'll offer different content from everyone, kill people and collaborations to add your feeling to their songs, not the other way around," Samanyanga said.

He added that collaborations relate to songs that are not artists, and emphasize that most of today's collaborations cover two or more fame-hunt musicians on one track, which is why most contemporary collaborations sound sour.

"Most young people do not know what a collaboration is about, they think it's about the artists, while it's actually about the song, there's no point in just putting me on your number, because you just love the idea of ​​you and I together on one song: first I have to fall in love with the song, so I give my hundred percent to re-create, besides that zvinenge zvatove zvekungotsvagawo mbiri.

"When I say that it is the song, I mean, for example, that in my case I had fallen in love with Ringo's song and had to search for the track owner who says" brother, I have to play your song again " It was not that I liked the idea of ​​Ringo and I together on one song, but about "Into Yam", a song that I had fallen in love with ", added the Neria hitmaker.

"As artists understood that we would see most collaborations on song memories than anything else," Tuku concluded.

After the release of Svoto on its YouTube account, mixed feelings were broadcast with a number of fans expressing their disappointment and how they felt cheated, having to wait for "clutter" while some thought it was a descent delivery.

junk why I wasted my precious time pane song inosvota zvesvoto kudai

I was expecting something better than this, you are one of those artists that we count on to be great, but this one mmm is far below your standards! I feel like you have wasted a potential blow, Mr Eazi and you, we had expected a volcano, so much love

song yakaipa iyi … buh kana ichangobuda hamunzwe knakidza kwayo … well done @ Ammara

You have to listen to it with headphones or put it on a speaker to appreciate the mix. I love it

Hopefully, Svoto's images will help!

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