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By Zandile Ndlovu

The number two of Voice UK Donel Mangena, which is on tour with the British TV channel ITV and The Voice UK 2019 promotes, is driven by the motto "hard work, hard praying and big dreams".

Donel Mangena and his grandmother on stage
Donel Mangena and his grandmother on stage

In what is best described as the possibility of your life, Donel has achieved in a short time what the most experienced artists dare to achieve a lifetime.

The membership of The Voice UK 2018 as the youngest participant and the number two in the talent show was the first step in his dream to become an artist.

After he had postponed his musical dreams to concentrate at school, it took him a few years before Donel presented the audition for The Voice UK.

"The Voice UK opened my eyes to the way the music industry works, we had long days and short nights, always in rehearsal, it hardened me", Donel revealed in an interview with The Sunday Mail Society.

At the age of 16 Donel conquered millions of people worldwide with his charisma, smile and dance steps. The best was still to come in all this.

"Being spotted by Prince Harry and being asked by him for Queen Elizabeth on her 92nd birthday changed my life and opened so many doors for me," he said.

He has achieved his goal to release his debut single "Bang Like A Drum", in which Rapper SwarmZ is recorded, as an artist under the watchful eye of mentor Will.I.Am. The number does well on card shows.

Although he was born in Manchester, UK, Donel strongly identifies with his roots in Zimbabwe. His relationship with his grandmother from Bulawayo, who has stolen the hearts of viewers, his father and his family, has grown even more closely.

"When I write or output songs, it feels natural to include IsiNdebele in my lyrics, it gives me that unique advantage, and it allows me to be very playful with my creativity."

In addition to music Donel enjoys a good football match and one day he hopes to shine in a movie as an actor. Sunday Mail

Zandile Zaza Ndlovu is a lifestyle and art journalist and also a media and PR strategist for BrandZa Communications. feedback: [email protected] and Twitter / Instagram @zazaliciousone

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