Drug users about government review of sites for overdose prevention

Drug users in Ottawa appeal to the provincial government to put an end to its assessment of sites for the prevention of overdoses.

Dozens of people gathered outside the Human Rights Monument on Friday, as part of the International Day of Overdose Awareness, which called for better healthcare for drug users, more locations and programs for preventing overdoses and more 24/7 monitored injection sites.

Since he has been in power, the conservative government of Doug Ford has broken several approved sites for the prevention of overdoses while the government is studying the issue.

Last year more than 60 people died of overdoses in Ottawa.

Four people who used drugs shared their thoughts about the Ontario government that rated provincially funded sites for the prevention of overdoses.

Jennifer Bigelow

"I think it's craziest, do not they have a friggin" brain in their head? Can they not open their eyes and see what's happening on our streets in the city, on sidewalks, behind every kind of gate? " are dying, people are overdosing and dying, "she said.

"But my god, what if tomorrow is your grandchild, your niece, your brother? Do you really know, because addicts can hide their addiction very well until they can not hide it until they are dead."

Kelly Florence

"I think it's ridiculous … people are still dying at high prices, it can be slightly reduced, but that's because of the safe injection sites." That's because of the naloxone kits. [overdose prevention sites]there is just as much thought about it as they did when they took Oxycontin off the shelf. "

Catherine Hacksel

"It is completely unethical, it is essentially state violence, I mean, look at Parkdale, they had at least seven overdoses in the community where an overdose prevention site had to be opened." I honestly do not understand how legal it is to block a service when you know that there is a death in that community where people want access to an overdose prevention site. "

Billy Jean Mardon

"My first time I went to the hospital, I was still on methadone and it took me three days to get my methadone in the hospital, so if I had not found ways to deliver heroin to me, I would not know why it takes so long to get my medicine … they also have to have places to get clean things in the hospital, because that was another problem I encountered. "

The former drug user and fellow supporter Sean LeBlanc asked previous and next users to accompany him on stage in an effort to eliminate the stigma surrounding drug use. 01:00

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