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Samson Muchirahondo

Outspoken Norton MP Temba Mliswa has been caught in the eyes of a storm in the accusation of infecting an A level pupil with STI.

The enthusiastic social media member would have participated in something in 2013 and the case went under the bridge after serious negotiations with the affected party.

The sx starving Mliswa now seem embroiled in a new scandal after a woman has gone into social media and threatens to reveal two incidents of infecting various other women with STIs.

"A person who knowingly infects another person with an STD / HIV makes me feel sick. @Temba Mliswa we still have to deal with neNyaya yako yekupa vana utachiona I am newe in 2013 and you have begged, Hauteereri. I will show you Euginia does not die because of you, "said one person who identified himself as Mai Tindo using twitter handle @Tindomai

The post was received with mixed feelings and some suspect the woman's foul play, which says she takes people for a ride after having hidden the problem for almost ten years.

"You begged him for something, for him to accept? For him to pay you? Why did you let him go for 5 years with the spreading of hutachiona, just sweet to expose him now, but sad enough," said one twitter-handle @ Matongo.8

Mliswa was not available for a response to answer the accusations.

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