Tupelo woman tells her story about the battle with West Nile.

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West Nile virus cases here in Mississippi and the mosquito season started a month ago. wtva & # 39; s daranesha herron spoke to a tupelo woman who was the victim of this deadly virus and she joins her story. daranesha karen winham is one of 63 people in the Mississippi who contracts the West Nile virus in 2017 .. she says as a healthy active woman … she never thought anything like that would happen to her. pkg "I thought pphh..old people..phh mosquitoes, what do not we have here … but it happened." This month, a year ago, kindergarten teacher told Winham that she had been bitten by a mosquito and had contracted a West Nile virus. immediately this rash occurred throughout her body, but she thought one of her students had made her sick. "It was nothing to make me think I had West Nile until they tested me for it." she says that doctors could do nothing for her … and months worsened her condition. "I was very weak, my neck, my head ached, the fatigue was so bad." eating with her family became a big job … getting up and running was so rare … she took pleasure in the little things like cleaning. "I first applied for my kitchen, I was so excited because I swept the floor, but I had to lie down again immediately." After being in bed for 6 months, Winham started to recover and he was able to return to work. …. she believes that this is partly due to the lifestyle changes she has made. she says she is not 100 percent, but does better. "I am happy … it could be worse but I am happy." daranesha winham says, even though she is still fighting this fight, she is not afraid to go out … she loves swimming and walking. it just takes the right precautions, such as the use of insect repellent like this … with repellent bracelets and many other preventive remedies. When trying to prevent the West Nile virus, the Mississippi Ministry of Health advises you to use mosquito repellent. Cover arms and legs with long sleeves and long skirts or long pants when you go out. and try & # 39; in the morning and & # 39; avoid mosquito-prone areas in the evening. still ahead

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