& # 39; Mudhidhi wedu ndakaona aiswa mu cabinet & # 39; -Chamisa stirs up storm with Controversial Remark On Kirsty Coventry

Chamisa touches the storm with Controversial Remark On Kirsty Coventry

MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa aroused indignation after making comments that some felt was offensive regarding the appointment of swimmer Kirsty Coventry in the cabinet.

While addressing his supporters by a thank-you action in Chitungwiza, Chamisa discouraged the President's choice to appoint Kirsty Coventry as Minister of Youth and Sport.

He went on to say that a cabinet can not be set up by an illegal leader because it will not be a legitimate cabinet.

"An unlawful leader can not set up a legitimate cabinet, it will not work, we say we will not have a shadow cupboard in the coming days, we are not the opposition, we are the alternative, we will have an alternative cabinet.

It is an alternative cabinet because it is for the people who have won elections "

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

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