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Big Game Hunters hope that Trump will soon allow them to import trophies

Big Game Hunter's are angry with President Donald Trump's decision to approve or reject the import of yachts. They took note of permits to import elephant trophies from areas that the Obama administration had banned waiting to be approved or rejected by the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) according to The hill.

Twenty-one requests to import elephant trophies, such as ivory tusks, from Zimbabwe and Zambia were filed between January 2017 and March 2018. None has been confirmed or refused. Applicants who have submitted permits to countries that have not been banned by the Obama administration, such as Tanzania and South Africa, have accepted most permits.

Former FWS Acting Director Greg Sheehan announced the government's decision to reverse the Obama Act in November. Three days later Trump tweeted a decision on the decision because of the intense kickback he received for the decision. "Postponed decision of the big game trophy until I have looked at all the conservation facts, have been studying for years, will be updated soon with secretary Zinke, thanks!" He tweeted on November 17, 2017.

Biggame supporter Dwight Miloff killed an elephant in May 2017 and issued a permit to bring the parts back. He has not been contacted about his permit.

"What it comes down to is that they are afraid to get off the fence," he said about the Trump administration. "They know that if they come from the fence, the anti-hunting people will be in the arms and if they do not allow them, the people who have spent the money for the license will be pissed off."

E-mails within the administration, revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request, show that Sheehan was keeping watch over the day after Trump's tweet. "Until we get a more detailed explanation of the intention and breadth of the President's decision to revise the decision" Big game trophy, "we are asked to refrain from licensing both lions and elephants, "he emailed the staff of the White House on November 18. 2017.

Bob Oliver, a major game hunter, claimed that after discussions with FWS officials the change in licenses will not take place in the Trump era. "What it really comes down to, and this was after several exchanges I had with them, is that they would not issue permits under this administration," Oliver told The Hill. "And that's where they left it."

African elephant numbers have declined as a result of poaching, dropping from 5 million to around 400,000 in 100 years, the Associated Press reported.

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