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The Bulawayo businessman who was robbed of US $ 18,000, R15,000 and a gun when robbers invaded his home in Selborne Park and attacked him with knives, iron bars and an ax, has the unfortunate events of the almost fatal incident If his seven-year-old son had not been told, he might have been killed.  Five-man gang strips, torturing businesswoman during theft

Mr Pride Nkomo (32) who was robbed at the beginning of last month, told Sunday News last week that this was the second time that he had lost a gun to robbers. He said that in 2009 he first lost a firearm to thieves when he was deprived of US $ 4,000 by attackers who disguised themselves as Bulawayo City Council meter readers.

The gun was later recovered and the thieves were arrested during that year.

"After the gun was stolen, I reported the case and asked for another one, and after it was restored, I sold it and got the one that was recently stolen," he said.

Mr. Nkomo noted that the firearm that had been stolen this time was the firearm that was used in a foiled robbery attack on a soldier's home late last month.

The soldier reportedly dodged a bullet in a heroic manner before he disarmed and manipulated one of the suspects who, together with two accomplices, broke into his home in Magwegwe North, Bulawayo suburb.

Narrating the ordeal, Nkomo said, by default he locked up the house and retired to his room where he was watching football.

"I live with my son and girl, that night I was watching football in my room while my son was in the other room with the maid, I had locked all the doors and checked that all the windows were closed. 19659003] Usually my son watches me, but on that day he was in the other room with the maid and he looked at other programs, so when I decided to go to bed, I left my bedroom door unlocked, because I thought my son would come to sleep with me ", said Nkomo.

e said that it was in the middle of the night that his sleep was disrupted by a gang of men who demanded money and his firearm.

"I was awakened by a group of men who got up and told me not to raise my head or they would kill me, I was astonished and scared and could not move, so they tied me up with a sock.

They asked for the keys to the safe in my room where I reacted by telling them that I had left them at work and that there was no money there.

"They already had the entire house searched by that time. It was then that one of them hit me with an iron rod on the head and the other stabbed me in the neck. By that time I thought I would be killed, "said Mr. Nkomo.

He said all the time that he thought of what had happened to his son.

" At that moment my son entered the room just before one of the robbers had decided to cheat me. He shouted: "Do not kill my father, he is the only one I have." That is when they consulted to not do this.

That's when I told them about the other safe in the bathroom, as I feared they would hurt my son. They went inside and destroyed the wall and took the safe, "said Mr. Nkomo.

He said that after they left, they were also worried about what they had done to the maid, because he could hear her screaming while she

"When I managed to break free, I checked the maid, only to discover that they had undressed her, wanted to rape her.

Fortunately because of the presence of my son they did not. She said that they had undressed her and threatened to stab her if she kept shouting, "he said.

Mr. Nkomo said that the robbers got up with their cell phones and other valuables A suspect, Nqobile Dube (39) from the suburb Pumula in Bulawayo, has since been arrested and brought to court in connection with the crime.

Dube was arrested in Magwegwe on July 22 when he tried to break into the soldier's house, where their mission was foiled. The pistol and $ 1 000 were recovered on his day, the other suspects are still at liberty

Dube appeared in court last week to respond to allegations of theft, and he was in pre-trial detention until August 21 for trial. Sunday News.

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