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The Republic of Zimbabwe Police has expressed its concern about an increase in carjacking and urges the public to be on guard against criminals targeting the entire country.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said it is investigating a number of cases where drivers have lost their vehicles to criminals in separate incidents.

They said that drivers had to exercise due care and ensure that their vehicles were properly secured.

Motorists must also avoid leaving keys in the ignition port and leaving strangers in their cars.

In a statement, CID spokesperson Detective Inspector Portia Chinho advised motorists to install alarm systems, tracking devices and anti-hood systems on their vehicles. She said in one of the cases that took place in Gweru, a complainant drove a Toyota Wish on the Gweru-Bulawayo route when he was approached by four robbers who hired him in Southdowns, Gweru.

"On the way one of the criminals drew an Okapi knife, ordered the complainant to stop and obey their orders," she said. "The quartet subsequently robbed the complainant of $ 1 300 in cash and two mobile phones, and the criminals then tied the prosecutor, dumped him, and drove away."

In Harare, another complainant lost his car, a Toyota Pearl, after having parked it along the Patrenda Road in Budiriro 2.

He had left the vehicle stationary and entered the home of a friend.

Another vehicle, a Honda Fit, was stolen after the owner parked it in his home in Eastlea, Harare.

Detective Insp Chinho said a taxi driver lost his Honda Fit to a lone robber who had hired him in Marondera. The driver had left the vehicle stationary while lighting himself.

She said that another Honda Fit was stolen overnight in a house in Highlands, Harare.

In Bulawayo, a man lost his Toyota Hiace after he had parked it at a station service and had the vehicle unlocked before going into a bar.

He returned after a few minutes and discovered that the vehicle had been stolen.

In the same city, another man lost a Mitsubishi L200 at his home. The vehicle was stolen overnight. The police are still investigating the cases.

"The police would urge motorists to exercise due care and ensure that their vehicles are properly secured," said Det Insp Chinho. "They have to avoid leaving keys in the ignition gate and leaving strangers in the car.

"They are encouraged to install alarm systems, tracking devices and anti-hijacking systems, as they act as preventive measures and help detect the stolen motor vehicles."

Det Insp Chinho said that anyone with information that can help with investigations can contact CID Vehicle Theft Squad Harare at (0242) 660408, the National Complaints Desk at (0242) 703631 or a local police station.

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