Chamisa, ED must find each other for the people

The reported steps of the international community to bring the political protagonists of Zimbabwe to the table must be praised by all peace-loving and shabby Zimbabweans.

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Zanu PF may want to go into a gallery and make gullible claims about a so-called new dispensation and the ability of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reverse the economic destiny of Zimbabwe, but the facts on the ground show that this can not happen and will not happen in the near future.

The fact that nine months after the helm of the country Mnangagwa was totally unable to provide any evidence of this capacity is more than sufficient evidence that he and his party alone are unable to lift Zimbabwe out of its suffering.

The myriad & mega deals & # 39 ;, some of which are as old as the nine months that Mnangagwa and his crew have been in power, have so far yielded virtually nothing. The few projects we have seen leaders of the new dispensation go to the commission with pomp and circumstance, such as the Kariba power project, were initiated long before the military takeover of November – in the Robert Mugabe era.

As it is, the situation on the ground becomes increasingly frightening. The prices of goods and services are increasing every day, while basic goods quickly become scarce.

There are already serious shortages of medicines in the hospitals of the country, while other raw materials such as cement are now only found on the black market where prices have been shot through the roof.

What is clear is that the economy is rapidly collapsing with disturbing reports that the government secretly turns on the money-making machine in a vain attempt to reverse the money crisis. Meanwhile, deficits in foreign currencies continue to bite, putting the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in a very enviable position as the main source of income for the country.

The opposition is pleased that the economic failures of Zanu PF have become visible so that they can tell Zimbabweans and the world that they can only save Zimbabwe, but in the end they are the inhabitants of Zimbabwe whose lives are being destroyed. Zimbabweans born forty years ago have never experienced a normal life where basic needs are available or how it feels to be formally deployed and determine their own destiny.

The new dispensation under President Mnangagwa must focus seriously on the country's economy and do everything necessary, including economic and political reforms and look at issues of political inclusion to stop obtaining economic rot.

Spending money that they do not have through superfluous expensive gifts to political customers will not put the government in a good light with those who might want to invest in this country or offer financial help.

A good example of a question that Mnangagwa and his fellow government leaders and advisors did not answer is: where are millions of dollars to spend on expensive brand new vehicles for chefs, while hospitals do not have ambulances?

The government must set its priorities and behave like mature leaders who put the well-being of the people at the center. Mnangagwa must get rid of his high horse and call in the help of Nelson Chamisa, who turned out to be a politician with good ideas and a huge following in the country.

Chamisa must also listen to the call of the long-suffering people in Zimbabwe who cry for food on the table, good health, houses to live in, jobs and an end to decades of misery.

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