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Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa

Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa has challenged the leader of the MDC alliance, Nelson Chamisa, to hold protests stating that there will be consequences.

When we talk about journalists, Chinamasa accuses Chamisa that she does not take the interests of Zimbabwe to heart. He said that Emmerson Mnangagwa & # 39; s inauguration will take place on Sunday. When asked what Zanu-PF is going to do to unite the country, Chinamasa said:

Yes, people will see it. I think that they themselves have seen, even during the court's argument that Chamisa has decided to be very difficult, has decided to undermine the economy of this country, has decided to ask for the imposition and imposition of further sanctions.

So it is very clear who is the culprit and people see that Chamisa in fact does not have the interest of Zimbabwe at heart. And I challenge him to put someone on the street because there are consequences to it.

Watch the Bustop TV video below:

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