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All eyes are focused on Zimbabwe, as the Constitutional Court of the country receives the petition from opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in his attempt to overthrow President Emmerson Mnangagwa's victory in the 30 July elections. Receive the live updates here.

ZEC violated the Constitution and the electoral law by denying a number of Zimbabweans their right to vote, which means ZEC threw President Mnangagwa under the bus, says Mpofu.

The petitioner had no reason to make the opening of ballot boxes for recounts and is not obliged to do so, says Mpofu, especially when evidence was submitted to the court that figures released by ZEC were not real and consequently Mnangagwa did not win the prize. election.

In that case there is no need for primary evidence

13:55 – Mpofu emphasizes that it was not necessary to open the ZEC residues, given the evidence they have, namely the figures provided by ZEC and that do not match.

13:47 – In essence, the MDC Alliance of Nelson Chamisa did not choose to open the ballot boxes, Mpofu says that most of their arguments have nothing to do with re-visiting the residue, as an example to the hand of differences in presidential and parliamentary relations.

13:44 – Justice Patel tells Mpofu that the best way to make V11 & # 39; s was manipulated to see those V11s in the first place. Justice Gwaunza then asks what the percentage of V11 forms is that Mpofu has cited in relation to the alleged manipulation of the polling station.

13:35 – Mpofu says according to the EU Observation Mission v11 not to have placed outside a polling station, and CJ Malaba asks him to give the specific polling stations a name, but Mpofu can not do that.

13:21 – Mpofu presents to the court signed, but unexplored v11 forms and says that this is the proof that ZEC triggered the elections. He says the sealed ballot boxes have already been poisoned & # 39; to be.

13:14 – CJ Malaba asks the applicants why they would like to rely on the secondary data when the primary data is available.

13:10 – Adv. Hashiti, who also represents Chamisa, says that admission to errors by ZEC means that the entire process is compromised and that the election result must be set aside.

13:02 – Mpofu also claims that the vote by correspondence did not go according to the law, and says that ZEC does not dispute that there was an unauthentic vote at police stations. Mpofu adds that according to the law, those who ask to vote in the post must have their ballots put at home so that they can vote independently, saying that this has not happened.

13:00 – Mpofu says that of the 60000 teachers who participated as election officials in the electoral process, about 20,000 people voted and that ZEC could not submit sworn statements from all who chose to waive their voting rights.

12:57 – Mpofu says that a contrast pattern of results in neighboring polling stations raises the suspicion of rigging.

12:56 – There are at least 16 polling stations with identical results.

12:46 – Mpofu says that some voices came from non-existent polling stations.

12:42 – Mpofu says the presidential and parliamentary elections generate more than 40,700 votes for the presidential race.

12:36 – About election results, Adv. Mpofu says that ZEC has already accepted that the first set of results is wrong, but that the electoral commission does not have primary data to support these results. He adds that three sets of results given by ZEC are wrong.

12:35 – Mpofu begins by talking about the pre-election process and says that the environment is in favor of Zanu PF.

12:30 – Now Mpofu gives comments about the real case.

12:26 – The ConCourt bank determines that the arguments of the respondents 5, 6, 17 and 20 are rejected. "The entries by the 5th, 6th, 17th and 20th respondents are not good for the court .. the papers have been removed from the record, without costs The reasons for the decision will be included in the main arrest," CJ Malaba.

12:25 – We're back in court.

12:03 – We have a break of 20 minutes when judges deliberate on submissions from the parties. ZEC and Zanu PF lawyers want the court to reject submissions from respondents who support Chamisa, while Chamisa's lawyer and respondents want to be heard. The verdict is now at the ConCourt bank.

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