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By Fungi Kwaramba

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has cut the victory of President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa by a marginal 0.1 percent, but emphasizes that the error was purely administrative.

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Two weeks ago, Zec Mnangagwa declared the winner of an overloaded presidential race in which 23 candidates participated, including Nelson Chamisa from the main MDC alliance.

At that time Zec said Zanu PF presidential candidate had collected 50.8 percent of the votes, with Chamisa falling behind 44.3 percent.

In a new twist on the developments surrounding the poll dispute between Zec and Chamisa, Priscilla Chigumba, who chairs the committee, now reduced Mnangagwa's victory to 50.6 percent.

In her reaction to Chamisa, which challenges Mnangagwa's victory at the Constitutional Court (Con-Court), Chigumba said the corrections were the result of the MDC Alliance leader change to 44.39 19 659006] She said d even if the corrections were made, the opposition leader Mnangagwa can not pass.

"After the correction of the observed errors, the results that Nelson Chamisa has won 4 483 voters representing a change of 0.1 percent of the announced results, while the votes of Emmerson Mnangagwa were reduced by 4 453 votes, which corresponds to a change of 0.08 percent of the announced results, "Chigumba said in court files.

"All in all, the final calculations did not significantly change the announced 2018 presidential results," she added. "

Chigumba said that any mathematical errors that may have occurred in the process are not gross or sufficient to to circumvent the presidential election and thus not be able to base the holiday of the declaration made by it in terms of part of the election Act

However, it admits that some polling stations were counted twice.

The development has left Zec with egg on the face and his credibility in quest n.

In his petition, Chamisa claims that he has won the polls by 60 percent.

He cites several mathematical inconsistencies that he says corrected the Mnangagawa vote would reduce to less than 50 percent.

Moverage of Mnangagwa's victory and trigger a split of the presidential election, Chamisa would have to make at least six percent of the votes that the Zanu PF leader currently has.

Chamisa has assembled a team of lawyers to discuss his case at the Con Court next week on Wednesday, when it was to be heard.

Top South African lawyers Dali Mpofu and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi have been joining Chamisa's legal team since arriving in Zimbabwe.

In his statement submitted to the Con-Court, Chamisa said although he was not the one on trial, his counting vote was 2 674 032, against 2 008 639 for Mnangagwa.

"That is in terms of what is on the Zec server," he said.

"I will, through a separate trial, summon these results, and I point out that these are the data that Zec made in real time before it was intended to change the results," Chamisa said in his petition.

The MDC alliance strives for the Apex court to consider "mathematical violations" because all "constitutional and legal violations" and counting of discrepancies "were intended to unduly favor the first respondent (Mnangagwa)." [19659005] It was alleged that the violations are the basis of a good and credible election process.

"These are accordingly irregularities which can not be ignored, which are irregularities that are not the result of errors

" I propose that the evidence submitted to the court shows gross irregularities affecting the validity of the elections and the to influence its outcome. In that case, I propose that the whole process should be declared invalid and should therefore be destroyed ", according to the alliance.

The legal team is looking for an order stating that Chamisa won the poll.

alternative it says: the court should order a new poll because the data that Zec has, are too compromised to become the basis of everything. Daily news

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