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By Vusumuzi Dube

MDC Alliance Presidential Candidate Mr. Nelson Chamisa "lost" the just-ended elections because he passed the election route approved and approved by the party by the deceased leader, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai, before he died .

  BULAWAYO South MDC legislator, Eddie Cross
Former BULAWAYO South MDC-T legislator, Eddie Cross

In an outspoken analysis of the just-ended elections, former MDC-T lawmaker and adviser Mr. Eddie Cross also that the Alliance existed until the next election at no.

M. Cross announced that he is both politically and MDC-T ceasing to concentrate on business. He accused Mr Chamisa of changing the elections in a "Chamisa case" and not of an MDC-T issue, ignoring what the party had set as a roadmap to win the elections.

"I was very critical of the policy procedure adopted by Chamisa, because 18 months before his unfortunate death, Tsvangirai had established a policy group to prepare for this election, which was chaired by Dr. (Tapiwa) Mashakada and it produced a 37-page document that I thought was very good, but when Nelson took over, he simply rejected it out of hatred and then did something of his own initiative.

"A party is a team and you can not let go of the views of your team and just continue with something that you invented with other elements in the alliance and just simply announce what is essentially what happened. The MDC-T manifesto was never really interested in the campaign and I thought it was too long and complicated, "said Mr. Cross.

He said in the run-up to the elections, Mr Chamisa had the elections about him, a strategy that, according to Mr. Cross, had driven Mr Tsvangirai for a long time and noted that it was necessary to first address the constituency, which would naturally escalate to the presidency.

Mr Cross said that Mr Chamisa had some hope In future elections he would have to redirect his strategy, from the divisions to the seats of parliament.

"In the past we have always concentrated on the presidency, thinking that if you win the presidency, you government has conquered, that is true but the real fight, political struggle is not at the top, but at the bottom. It is in the departments and Morgan's idea was that we had to turn the 2018 campaign away and concentrate on the departments. This means that if we win the divisions, we win the districts, we win the districts and we win the presidency.

"In the course of course Nelson and the Alliance went back to the old system that fought against the presidential election Yes, he did a great job, he was a great speaker, he was charismatic, he was well educated, but at the end Morgan was right and that was a crucial mistake for the Alliance not to concentrate on the base, "Mr Cross said.

Mr. Cross said that the elections were the best since the establishment of the MDC in 1999 and the challenge of the constitutional court by the Chamisa for the presidential election was a futile attempt.

"I think this election, despite all criticism, was the best election since 2000. We were given the full freedom to go where we wanted without police intervention and very little violence." We had freedom of speech, freedom from I think this campaign was a lot free than other campaigns and I think the election results will be very difficult to dispute.

"As far as the Alliance is concerned, it is a difficult question, but my opinion is that we have heard very little of Welshman Ncube, one of the oldest members of the Alliance, of which I agree with his feelings, I do not think the Alliance will stay together in the future, because I do not think that the alliance is very united right now, "said Mr. Cross.

Regarding his resignation from active politics, Mr. Cross said that this was a decision about which he had long informed the late Tsvangirai, ma They had the feeling that he should not publish it for a smooth transition in his

However, he wounded the Alliance for bouncing, resulting in the handling of two candidates in the constituency, which ultimately resulted in loss of Zanu. PF candidate Cde Raj Modi in Bulawayo South.

"Morgan and my family said I should retire, so I agreed to retire long ago and the party asked me not to make it public because they did not want a fight in the party over the candidate took over my constituency and in the final analysis it did not make a difference because there was a fight and the party lost, "he said. Sunday News

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