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Factional fights simmer in MDC led Bulawayo's new board

DIVISIONS simmered among Bulawayo's new counselors amid revelations that there is bad blood between the mayor of the city, Solomon Mguni and his deputy Tinashe Kambarami, resulting in the former lateral thrust of the later council program.

The divisions are so tense that Clr Mguni has been spotted a number of times by working together with the party's preferred partner, Ward One councilor Clr Mlandu Ncube, who was beaten by Clr Kambarami as deputy mayor. In the voting by the council members, Clr Kambarami received 16 votes, while Clr Ncube received 13 votes.

Reports also show that Clr Mguni and his faction are pushing the leader of the MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa to force Clr Kambarami to resign and to note that the party initially supported Clr Ncube for the position of deputy mayor, a move that was resisted by a majority of council members.

Clr Mguni recently posted a photo in his mayoral room in the big town hall on his social media after meeting a group of potential investors in the city, including Clr Ncube, Clr Sikhululekile Moyo and Clr Happyson Ncube.

"Met this delegation from a British university that wants to help Bulawayo develop sustainable urban agriculture," reads a quote from the photo.

Sources revealed that the local government was already divided into two warring factions, one led by Clr Mguni, who allegedly sworn to work with Clr Mguni while Clr Kambarami also leads another faction that calls itself the "anti-corruption" group .

"In the current state, there is bad blood between Clr Mguni and Clr Kambarami, although they might not show it in public, but it has become clear within city councils because the mayor is always with Clr Ncube, even if you do official business, you might even think Clr Ncube is the deputy mayor.

"Furthermore, we hear that the camp is leading the MDC alliance to do what they did in Masvingo and to order Clr Kambarami to resign in favor of Clr Ncube, who was initially the favorite for the function of loco. Mayor, "said the source.

Contacted for comment, Clr Ncube, who had reportedly left his job at a local supermarket awaiting elected deputy mayor, refuted the accusations that he was a pseudo deputy mayor, claiming that he had left for more than four days without seeing or interact with Clr Mguni.

When asked if he still had ambitions to become deputy mayor, Clr said. Ncube, while still a regular councilor, waited for the MDC alliance to take the next step.

"For the time being, I'm just going on as an ordinary council member awaiting the leadership of the party, regarding the accusations that Clr Mguni would rather work with me than the deputy mayor who is far from true, because at the moment I saw him before it. last days ago, "said Clr Ncube.

Contacted for comment Clr Mguni refuted the accusations and said that what happened during the mayoral elections was a past event.

"These are lies that there is still bad blood between us both, we have good relations with the deputy mayor, yesterday (Friday) we were together at a meeting with the minister (July Moyo). We belong to the same political party, we are working on our goal to develop Bulawayo, "said the mayor.

Meanwhile, the councilors met on Thursday to vote for chairmen of council committees, a voice that was once again marred by factional tensions with each of the factions trying to maintain their dominance in council halls.

At the end of the day, however, it was the "anti-corruption" fraction that was victorious with the majority of their faction members who managed to win the majority votes.

The winning councilors were Clr Concilia Mlalazi (Health, Housing and Education), Clr Silas Chigora (Finance and Development), Norman Hlabano (Environmental Management and Technical Services), Clr Rodney Jele (Urban Planning and Planning), Siboniso Khumalo (Future Water Supplies) and Water Action) and Clr Mlandu Ncube (Audit).

For the almighty General Purposes Committee, which is chaired by the mayor and is appointed by Clr Kambarami, Clr Ncube, who chairs the audit committee, is not on this committee, however, in cases where the body has to vote on an important point, the anti – corruption faction will conquer four votes for three.

Attorneys elected as deputy presidents; Clr Sinikiwe Mtanda (finance and development), Clr Mildred Ncube (urban agriculture), Clr Sikhulekile Moyo Khumalo (future water supply and water action), Clr Ronniah Mudara (health, housing and education) and Clr Febbie Msipa (audit).

The selection of the committee chairs means that it simply continues in council chambers with local councilors who now meet in their various council committees to discuss important council matters where the full board meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month to either support or reject what is in the Council. committees was discussed.

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