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Govt clears air on deconcentration. . . Roles of Provincial Councils, Ministers set out

The Herald

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Implementation of deconcentration recommends central government to release funds for provincial budgets to ensure that areas with developmental delay are given priority, local governments, public works and Housing Minister Moyo said July.

Furthermore, there will be no conflict in operations between the provincial ministers of state and the provincial councils.

In an interview with The Herald on Friday, Cde Moyo said that the provincial ministers of state were part of the national executive and appointed in terms of the constitution to ensure that the government is closer to the people.

"On the financial aspect, there are important issues that need to be addressed," said Cde Moyo.

"The first is the capital budget to be given to all provincial councils and the 92 local authorities, so that we can take care of your roads, sewerage and water and help the central government in this endeavor.

"The second aspect is that we look at marginalized areas and because of marginalization we think that where services are left behind, whether those services are schools or clinics or that services are electricity or sewerage, the government is again called for in the Constitution to ensure that money is voted by parliament through the government, through the Ministry of Finance, so that we can raise the standard of living of our people.

"The third aspect of the financial provisions requires the central government to set aside five percent of the national budget each year so that it can be divided among provincial and local authorities so that we can help all of Zimbabwe to be lifted. broad sense of the word, we are going to implement devolution, "he said.

"In specific terms the president is now asking for GDP (Gross Domestic Products) and to come up with GDPs, this means that all your economic ministries including the Ministry of Finance, your Industry and Trade, your Agriculture and your Mining must come with assets that can contribute to the GDP of an area, so let's get our GDP apart for the first time Let's not just look at the GDP of Zimbabwe Let's not just look at the gross per capita income of Zimbabwe, let's look at the per capita income of each of those 92 local authorities and if we do so we will be able to prove that it is lagging behind and it is in order. "

Minister Moyo also explained the role of provincial ministers of state.

"The provincial minister is a minister appointed by the president in terms of the constitution, in terms of which mandate they are given, they are part of the executive power of the national government, and are devolved to the provinces by the decentralization principle, so that there is at least one government in the neighborhood of the people, he or she is an executive of the central government, and they are appointed in the same way as a minister who performs a ministry.

"They are appointed in the same way as a minister of state in the office of vice president (Kembo) Mohadi or (Constantino) Chiwenga, they are appointed in the same way as deputy ministers, and the president is given the authority to appoint his executive power. is what he has done, and the provincial council is, in our view, the parliament of that area.

"It has powers to regulate certain aspects that are specific to that area and the Constitution also allows them to provide tourism, planning and coordination in some cases.If you are in Matabeleland North, you have local authorities like Victoria Falls , Lupane, Nkayi, Umguza, Binga, Bubi and Hwange, which need to be coordinated by these provincial councils because there are certain services that go beyond the boundaries of these authorities, so coordination and planning are necessary and that is what the provincial councils have to do . "

Minister Moyo said the government is going to change the old Provincial Councils and the Administration Act to bring the issue of councils, membership and their duties into effect.

This is where the government would describe the political mechanisms of decentralization.

"By decentralization, we can then concentrate our resources and our political muscles to raise that area, so the president is already calling on that GDP," Minister Moyo said.

"That means we also have to re-regulate the entire government of the central government, where ZIMRA did not tell us what income came from Bulawayo, to come up with the GDP, now it is forced to do so. told what comes from Umguza, for example, how much it contributes to the GDP of the country and what it does for the communities in Umguza, so when we start to know how much gold is contributed by Umguza or Bubi, we begin to say how much from that money goes to the community in Bubi or Umguza, so that's in a nutshell, devolution. "

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