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Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
The Anti-Corruption Commission Zimbabwe (ZACC) has praised the government for using sufficient resources to increase efficiency in the fight against corruption.

The Chief Commissioner of the ZACC Investigation Commission, Goodson Nguni, said that the commission is continuing its efforts to eradicate corruption and has sufficient resources.

"The government used funds for us and bought vehicles and computers for our operations," he said. "We also got the nod to hire more people and open more offices across the country."

Comm Nguni said that the previous government led by former President Robert Mugabe did not assist them and did not fund their operations.

"We would like to thank the government, led by President Mnangagwa for supporting us," he said. "The previous government did not help and support us and they even refused to finance us for our operations."

Comm Nguni has not disclosed the amount of money provided by the government.

"I can only say that we have been given sufficient resources to improve our operations and to open new offices across the country," he said.

On Wednesday, ZACC said the plans were well advanced in setting up a dedicated research team focusing on companies and banks involved in any dark deals and violations of the laws of the country.

The team, which is supported by the police of the Republic of Zimbabwe, also targets retailers and food outlets who are not bank savings but who sell it on the parallel market at a premium.

In May, President Mnangagwa set up a special anti-corruption unit in the President's office and the cabinet to improve efficiency in the fight against all forms of transplants and to strengthen the effectiveness of national mechanisms for the prevention of corruption.

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