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Grace Mugabe & # 39; s love for finer things

Just as the rest of the country thought that all love had been lost between the former and the present first families, it seems that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has hit the right cords to melt the heart of Grace Mugabe in particular.

Grace's love for finer things has never been questioned, but it was renting a Gulfstream 650 plane so that she could attend the funeral of her mother Idah Marufu who melted Grace's heart, declaring that she loved the man who was responsible for removing her husband from power in November 2017.

Interestingly, former President Robert Mugabe sang a different song in recent months; a song that suddenly changed with the death of his mother-in-law.

Just before the July 30 election, Mugabe had expressed his dismay at the way his family was treated by the Mnangagwa government and even led the opposition party Nelson Chamisa, head of the MDC alliance, to become the president of the country.

But it was Mnangagwa's gesture to let Grace fly from Singapore, so that she could attend the funeral of her mother who seemed to soften the hearts of the Mugabes.

After the valued gesture, Grace, who insulted in Mnangagwa when she was the first lady, began to sing another tune, expressing gratitude for the way the president treated the family.

"And I thought what I was going to do, how will I mourn my mother, mother you have left, meanwhile I'm far. Now, baba (Mugabe) had to come to me when I had the surgery and I said to him, talk please tell the authorities to come over there instead of coming here, "Grace said during her mother's funeral.

"I was called by the people responsible for communicating with us and they said:" Mom, I'm from Mnangagwa now he said to hold on to we send a plane to get you from there ".

"… The plane has arrived, I have never been on a plane, it is beautiful, when I came in, I said that I was the first passenger to use it." They had chartered a plane out of Qatar airways, called the Gulfstream, when I get money. I will buy one like that, it's called Gulfstream 650. I felt comforted, from Mangangwa you really comforted me. You have done well for me, if the death of my mother will heal our friendship, let it be so. I said it before, we were good friends to even share milk, which is a sensitive product, but we have always shared that. & # 39;

Grace said that Mnangagwa and his government are helping to take care of Mugabe. "They help us to take care of Baba (Mugabe), even now that my mother has died, they pay the bills, they write to us and say: do not be in trouble, I'm going to China, but Chiwenga will take care of you.

"They love us and they know that we love them, we pray for them because he is chosen by God as the leader of the land, so let's pray that God gives him wisdom to rule this country."

Then she thanked Mugabe and described him as a "very loving person".

Not only Grace appreciated Mnangagwa, Robert Junior also took the time to congratulate the president for the first time.

But Zimbabweans came up with gunshots, angry at the way Grace was treated for a trip estimated $ 1, 4 million back to Zimbabwe from Singapore.

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