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From Robin Muchetu

The shooting incident that took place at the ZEC Commissioner of Zimbabwe (ZEC), Dr. Qhubani Moyo at Selborne Park in Bulawayo on Friday night is not politically connected, but only an attempt at suicide.

Police officers at the scene of an incident suspected of committing suicide. The house belongs to Zimbabwe Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Qhubani Moyo

A policeman who guarded the house, a few hours after the Constitutional Court ruled on the court verdict by MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Mr. Nelson Chamisa, fights for life in a local hospital after he reportedly shot himself under the chin House.

Although Bulawayo's police could not be reached yesterday for a comment, Dr. Moyo said he suspected the incident was an attempted suicide.

"The incident is in no way related to politics, it seems to me an attempted suicide because the policeman's behavior was irregular, officers do not test their firearms in residential areas, they do that on shooting grounds," he said.

He said that although the public was alarmed by the timing of the incident, they must refrain from making unfounded conclusions.

"There is no indication that this was a politically motivated incident, people should not read too much between the lines, it was a clear attempt at suicide from my own opinion, and no attack on me after the announcement of the verdict by the Constitutional Court, "said Dr. Moyo.

He told how the events, which his wife and children shook, unfolded during a night when he was in Harare.

Said Dr Moyo: "I received the advice that a policeman from the police protection unit stationed in my home in Selborne Park, had his firearm, a FN rifle discharged around nine o'clock in the evening.

& # 39; On my wife's research, he said that he tested his rifle for efficiency because he needed to be alert. He said that they had been told that some rogue elements were likely to cause problems by attacking the Commissioners' homes, so he looked for the efficiency of his rifle. & # 39;

Dr. Moyo said that when the second shot was fired his wife was shocked by shouts that followed and she went back on control.

"My wife went out and followed the loud shouts and noticed that the policeman was lying in a puddle of blood, he had shot himself under the chin and the bullet ran through his nose and damaged part of his head, but did not kill him", said Dr. Moyo.

The family called the police and an ambulance and he was taken to the United Bulawayo hospitals. Sunday News

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