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Harare suspends officials after Masiyiwa whistles the cholera scandal – The Zimbabwe Mail

Hearing civil servant Harare, Hosiah Chisango, has suspended civil servants suspected of pushing up the prices of material used in the capital's ongoing struggle against cholera, killing 30 people, the municipality announced on Monday.

The move to suspend the officials followed revelations by Econet Wireless founder and chairman, Strive Masiyiwa, that some municipal employees and suppliers boosted the prices of key products to deceive Econet Wireless, which raised $ 10 million last week to treat the cholera. help fight outbreak that devastates Harare.

"Harare acting municipal secretary, engineer Hosiah Chisango, suspended a number of officials this morning suspected of pushing up prices for goods and services to be used in the fight against cholera," the municipality said in a statement on Twitter.

"Engineer Chisango has since informed Mayor Herbert Gomba and relevant stakeholders."

So far, 30 people have died from the water sick since the current outbreak began at the beginning of this month. The government, which has declared an emergency in Harare, has called for help from the private sector.

Econet, the largest telecommunications company in the country, which is also the largest listed stock on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, has so far provided the highest corporate contribution to the cholera battle.

In a Facebook post on Monday morning, Masiyiwa accused the vultures circling around the abundance of Econet.

"One of the saddest things that happened last week when Econet announced that it had set aside $ 10 million to help buy medicines and materials, was the number of suppliers and even officials in some of the affected municipalities trying to deceive us company by offering things at very high prices! "Masiyiwa wrote.

"Gloves worth $ 3 were suddenly worth $ 65! That's just so pathetic!" "I told my people to draw up lists of everyone who deliberately tries to exploit the situation." After this crisis is over, we'll go after them on this platform, they name and shame. "

In 2015, Econet commissioned its suppliers to reduce their prices by 15%. This was after the company had lowered its own costs, including salaries.

Econet then felt that some suppliers made use of this by charging the company a premium for goods and services. – Newzwire

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