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By Michael Magoronga

WARD 10 Alderman, Angeline Kasipo, became the first female mayor of Kwekwe yesterday.

Alderman Angeline Kasipo

She was elected unhindered, while Shadreck Tobaiwa was unanimously elected deputy mayor after the swearing of councilors in the Kwekwe Civic Center.

A total of 14 council members were sworn in yesterday.

In her word of thanks, the mayor promised to be a servant of the Kwekwe rate payers.

"I am humbled by the gesture and trust that Kwekwe people have shown in me, and I promise to repay them through serving leadership, I will be there for the people," she swore.

Clr Kasipo said that water reticulation was at the top of her list.

"I think people in Kwekwe should have an uninterrupted water supply, and I promise to ensure that the water supply system works all day long," the mayor said.

On vendors Clr Kasipo said she would not force them off the street before an alternative site was created for them.

"I find it a bit unfair to say that suppliers have to be taken off the street if we do not have an alternative for them, I think it's wise to create space for them, then we'll move them there," she said.

Clr Kasipo said she felt no pressure to become the first female mayor of the city.

"I respect my predecessor (Clr Matenda Madzoke), a hard-working man, a man of integrity, but that should not put pressure on me as the first female mayor of the city," she said.

Clr Kasipo takes over from C lr Madzoke, who caused a stir by rejecting an official board vehicle and going to work on a bike.

Cllr Kasipo said she was not under pressure to force the municipality to buy a car for her.

"I'll have to contact the board first, I'm not saying that a vehicle is not important, but if it's necessary and if it makes the delivery of the service easy, a vehicle must be purchased," she said. The Chronicle.

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